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Argentum is westernmost of the four mining towns that make up the area of 4 Holes, along with Ahenus, Aurum, and Chalceus. It has the most buildings of the four towns. A verbal rivalry exists between all four towns over which is the best. Argentum has standard Omni-Tek Archetecture. Argentum is under 25% Suppression Gas


The exact date when Argentum was founded is unknown, and itm like the other 4 towns, may have originally been outzone mines back when Omni-1 was still under construction. It's proximity to both Omni-Tek Territory and area controlled by the Clans has made it an area of frequent disputy for years.

On 30 May, 29480 The Clans,took advantage of the Omni-Tek occupation of Borealis to send unionists in to occupy all of 4 Holes, including Agentum and it's sister towns.

Present Day[]

Argentum is still under Unionist Occupation. Omni-Tek has issued a directive to allow full "Open Hostility" against the unionists and anyone supporting them.


  • OT Tailor Shop is at (985,1802) labeled "4 Holes Fashion" on the outside.
  • OT Basic Quality Augmentor has a shop at (902,1745) labed "Tools n Stuff" outside.
  • Mojo's Weapon Emporium (920, 1625), is shop with an OT Basic Weaponsdealer.

Sights to See[]

  • The Subsea Resort (858,1759) is a open air building with large pool with deck chairs. Nice place for a pool party, if it wasn't for the supression and the weather.
  • A large toxic lake is at (825,1813)


  • A large Atrox called the Unionist Foreman wanders around (902, 1704). Omni-Tek personnel have orders to eradicate him on sight.
  • Another Atrox called Unionist Agitator Scarpase stands outside the Subsea Resort at (828,1766. While not named directly, it is assumed that OT will also reward for his termination.


  • The exact date of the founding of 4 Holes would be nice.

--Ransan 22:17, 24 March 2007 (CET)