Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Armor Sets[]

File:256296.png Alien Armor
File:245963.png Apocalypse Leather Armor
File:13252.png Barter Armor
File:13240.png Bronto Hide Armor
File:162421.png Carbonum Plate Armor
File:37545.png CAS Symbiotic Armor
File:13259.png Crawler Armor
File:13249.png Crepuscule Unit Armor
File:21871.png Eyemutant Sinew Armor
File:214750.png Jobe Armor
File:13251.png Junkmetal Armor

File:37545.png Living Dragon Armor
File:13249.png Metallic Mantis Armor
File:13251.png Notum Saturated Metaplast Armor
File:13251.png Omni Carbonum Armor
File:245924.png Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor
File:13259.png Prowler Armor
File:162421.png Storm Carbonum Armor
File:226608.png Tier 1 Armor
File:226608.png Tier 2 Armor
File:226609.png Tier 3 Armor
File:21977.png Unhallowed Carapace of the Infernal Tyrant Armor

Armor Pieces[]

File:33149.png Adventure Shields
File:205771.png Advanced Salesman's Hat
File:156358.png All-Match Augmented Bow Tie
File:99661.png Anti-Gravity Unit
File:159134.png Anun Membrane Gloves
File:156356.png Bureaucrat Suits
File:99662.png Briefcase of Holding
File:255237.png De'valos Sleeve
File:31537.png Enhanced Pads of Dedication
File:23001.png Flesh-Hood
File:10839.png Guise of the Hooded Crow
File:246126.png Hadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform
File:218706.png Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck
File:22972.png Massive Steel Body Armor
File:156356.png Meister's Reinforced Suit

File:205929.png Modernized ICC Cloak
File:23003.png Nano Input Hood
File:22891.png (Modified) NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat
File:99660.png Notum Threaded Backpack
File:22392.png Overtuned Tank
File:205763.png Physician's Cap
File:151921.png Predator's Circlet
File:22892.png Reanimator's Cloak
File:205772.png Repairman's Hat
File:205768.png Rollerrat Helmet
File:205764.png Sharpshooter's Helmet
File:247804.png Stalker Helmet
File:203551.png Subspace Storage Device
File:119143.png The Dantian Belt of Life
File:246888.png Veil of the Revoked

File:84062.png Ancient Combat Bracer
File:84062.png Ancient Technical Bracer
File:84062.png Ancient Medical Bracer
File:84062.png Masterpiece Ancient Bracer