Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Athen Shire is a land of great diversity offering the full richness that is Rubi-Ka. Bordered by The War Torn Valley to the east, the Wailing Wastes to the north, The Longest Road to the west and Holes In The Wall to the south, practically every type of terrain that can be found on Rubi-Ka can be found in Athen Shire. To the north and west lie the War Academy and the southern hinterlands of the Wailing Wastes desert. This gives way to lush forest and picturesque beaches along the Stret River. Along the southern edge of the region the Old Athen Road runs from The Longest Road before it turns north for its final leg into West Athen.

While not supplied with a major city, the close proximity to both West Athen and Old Athen do not make this a primary concern to the visitor of the region. Shopping and travel can be easily arranged from either metropolis, but immediate needs can be met at Freedom Station just north of Holes In the Wall.

The wild life of the area is lush and abundant, primarily made up of many varieties of Leets, Blubbags and Reets. The principal danger from wild life is the Minibulls that cluster around the north turn of the Old Athen Road. Less experienced explorers are cautioned to avoid the area all together, due to the presence of Virulent Minibulls.

For the doughty explorer, the challenges of the Trash King and his Lackeys can be had at Junk Bot City, north of Freedom Station and west of West Athen. Facing this towering monster of metal is to be undertaken only at one’s own peril!