Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Bots on Atlantean[]

All factions[]


  • Description: Atlantean is a open raid bot for all factions. Feel like getting to know people, chatting a bit, need help to get something, or you wanna raid things like Biodome, Mercs, Hollow Island or whatever your target wishes are? Do /tell Atlantean !join, and once on the bot ask a Leader or above to make you member if you wish to be.
  • Owner: Nenat
  • Creator: Nenat, Based on BeBot 4.x
  • Website: The Atlantean Boards <>


  • Description: AODevbot is a bot meant for coding discussions and asking for help on code if you're ingame. Linking RK1, RK2, RK3 and Test Live with 1 single chat. There is no restrictions to join. Send AODevbot a /tell ingame with !join to join and be added as a member.
  • Owner: Naturalistic
  • Creator: Naturalistic, Based on BeBot 2.x
  • IRC: #coders @
  • Website:


  • Description: AOFroobs is a bot targeted at players using the Froob accounts. Linking RK1 and RK2 with 1 single chat. It has many commands simliar to Helpbot. There is no restrictions to join. To join ingame type /tell Aofroobs !join
  • Owner: Aofroobs
  • Creator: Aofroobs
  • IRC: #aofroobs @
  • Website:


  • Description: Chat monitor which monitors the 11-50 trade channels in all major cities on RUBI-KA. AOIDB also offer a service where you can track market, then alert you if a item matching the text description of your choice is posted in any of the above channels. /tell aoidb check example: /tell aoidb wtb add Infuser common item in trade channels, you should get alert rather soon, or try yourself with any item and then post it in a trade channel (11-50 any faction). To review your list you use the command /tell aoidb wtb list
  • Owner: Dochere
  • Creator: Dochere, Based on Vhabot
  • Website: Currently being rewritten.


  • Description: Helpbot is probably the best known bot in all of Anarchy Online. Helpbot was one of the first bots to provide people with several informative functions like: whois, level and mission. Currently in development, new plugins are being created and suggestions are always welcomed!
  • Owner: Community, Hosted by: Naturalistic
  • Creator: Beaker (Created, owned and maintained helpbot for many years) Vhab, Iriche, Techboy, Naturalistic (Created, owned and maintained the next version that was coded using Vhabot)
  • Forum:,16.0.html
  • Website: and
  • IRC: #helpbot @



  • Description: Recipebot shows various tradeskill information for many items. It also guestimates sell price to vendors.
  • Owner: Vhab and Iriche
  • Creator: Beaexn (Created, owned and maintained recipebot for many years)
  • Maintainer: BeeKeeper
  • Forum:,22.0.html


  • Description: This bot is a open role-play bot for anybody to join for some light conversation and rp. The bot is ICly a radio channel on a fictional Rubi-Ka radio band.
  • Owner: Dabblez
  • Creator: Dabblez

Neutral Restricted[]


  • Description: This is one of the first Neutral bots made and served as a chat channel before neutrals had an OOC channel. It is still used heavily for light conversation, team gathering, and raid gathering.
  • Creator: Pyromanche, based on Budabot.

Omni Restricted[]


  • Description: An omni outzone (Alien Playfield) raid bot.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 190, Alt: 190
  • Owner: Glarawyn and Naturalistic
  • Creator: Glarawyn and Naturalistic
  • Forum:
  • Admins: /tell campalot !admins


  • Description: An omni/neutral bot that raids APF 13, 28, 35, 42, Tarasque, Pandemonium and 12 man.
  • Level Requirement: Main: 205 (Exception for froobs, 195+)
  • Owner: Foobar and Burrstin
  • Creator: Originally by Snowsy, new bot written and maintained by Foobar.
  • How to join: Ask someone already on Hellcom to get you added.