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Aurum is southernmost of the four mining towns that make up the area of 4 Holes, along with Ahenus, Argentum, and Chalceus. It is the largest of the four towns. It sports standard OT Style Archetecture. A verbal rivalry exists between all four towns over which is the best. Aurum is under 25% supression gas.


The exact date when Aurum was founded is unknown, and it like the other 4 towns, by have originally been outzone mines back when Omni-1 was still under construction. It's proximity to both Omni-Tek Territory and area controlled by the Clans has made it an area of frequent disputy for years.

On 30 May, 29480 The Clans,took advantage of the Omni-Tek occupation of Borealis to send unionists in to occupy all of 4 Holes, including Aurum and it's sister towns.

Present Day[]

Aurum is still under Unionist Occupation. Omni-Tek has issued a directive to allow full "Open Hostility" against the unionists and anyone supporting them.


  • OT Tailor Shop is at (1139,1135) labeled "4 Holes Fashion" on the outside.
  • OT Basic Augmentor has shop at (1136, 1153) labed "Tools n Stuff" outside.
  • Miiir fashion has an outlet shop at (1155, 1155), OT only.
  • There is an OT Basic Pharmacist inside the building labeled "HeadWare Shop" at (1182,1177)
  • Omni-Tek Mission Terminals are located west of the whom-pah at (1180,1243) outside the Double Gate Inn
  • Aurum is connected to the Clan whom-pah network at (1208,1250). It connects Aurum with the Mountains of Four Lakes in Broken Shores, and Enigma Forest in Central Artery Valley

Sights to See[]

  • The Canary (1166,1100) is a restauant with outdoor seating.
  • There is a Prison at (1207,1210) which looks like any of the other city prisons. It's unguarded at this time, possibly due to the Unionist Takeover.



Brian Horn, the mayor of Chalceum...or is it Aurum?

  • Brian Horn is standing atop the Canary at (1166, 1100). He's a gruff surly man who claims to be the mayor of Chalceum. Due to the occupation, he's most liekly the mayor of nothing and is hiding there to escape the Unionist forces.
  • Also at the Canary is the more cheerful Jane Frued, who is the waitress at the Canary. Though more cheerful than Brian Horn, she just have much useful to say.


  • The exact date of the founding of 4 Holes would be nice.

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