Baratons are large, slug-like animals known for very powerful attacks and a tendency to attack cities. These beasts are rarely encountered in the field, mainly due to the limited size of their preferred environment on Rubi-Ka, which are semi-arid forests. Their attack style typically consists of straightforward biting attacks, or attempts to skewer the prey with their armor spikes on the sides. Further, their size should not be mistaken for sloth: these animals, when attacked, prove to be quick and agile.

It is unclear what the origins of this genus are. Clearly, the animals look like the slugs of Earth, blown up to tremendous proportions. However, their unusual mandibles, most notably the crocodile-like snout, may indicate a genetic experiment gone seriously awry. Whatever the origins of this genus, their size and strength make them fearsome additions to the wilds of Rubi-Ka.

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