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appeareance and features Edit

164932 164936 164932
ProjectileAC: 3153
MeleeAC: 4200
EnergyAC: 4200
FireAC: 3153
ColdAC: 3153
RadiationAC: 3153
ChemicalAC: 1050
PoisonAC: 4200
MaxHealth: 420
MaxNanoEnergy: 420
Psy.Modification: 5
RangedInit.: 40
NanoC.Init: 40
DuckExp: 30
NanoResist: 75
RunSpeed: 30
ElectricalEngineering: 10
QuantumFT: 10
NanoProgramming: 10
ComputerLiteracy: 10
Pharmaceuticals: 20
Chemistry: 10
VehicleAir: 20
VehicleGround: 20

Wert im Vergleich zur Carbonum Armor

pro 'n' con Edit

+ plenty boni, even for tradeskills.
+ good Armor Class except Chemical AC.

- only equipable by Trader and Agent in FP.

production process Edit

required skills Edit

  • Chemistry (CH)
  • Nano Programming (NP)
  • Computer Literacy (CL)
  • Strength (Str) (only for one Step that is not exactly necessary)

required items and tools Edit

amount Item / Tool *1 origin
2 Notum Chip C Loot
Notum Fragment C Loot
Enriched Notum Nugget *2 C Loot
1 Nano Armor Teil C Loot/Miss-Reward
1 Sledgehammer *2 C Miss-Reward
1 Nano Programming Interface R Shop
Basic Tools
1 Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots R Shop
Armour and Clothing Components
Pharmacy and Chemistry Components
*1 R = reusable, C = consumed; *2 required for an additional step,
to create Notum Fragments from Enriched Notum Nuggets

You can often find Enriched Notum Nuggets from Medusas or Martial-Artist-Mobs.
To Build your Armor the Nugget QL need to be 90% of the Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots which need to be themselve 90% from your armor part.

Armorpart = QL 200, Liquid = QL 180+, Notum = QL162+ fits
Armorpart = QL 200, Liquid = QL 190+, Notum = QL162+ dosn't fit<

Tradeskill Process Edit

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as followed:

Open the tradeskill window (Ctrl-t). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, else the item will end in the overflow window.

Like mentioned above Enriched Notum Nuggets can't be used without further work.

To convert the Nuggets your Sledgehammer QL need to be 50% of the Nugget.

129044 + 136637 = 136625 Skills: Str
Sledgehammer Enriched Notum Nugget Notum Fragment QL x 3

Barter Armor-Sleeve example:

161699 + 164952 = 164954 Skills: NP/CL
Nano Programming Interface Inactive OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
Activated OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
QL x 4/2,5
136623 136625 + 164954 = 164956 Skills: NP/CH
Notum Chip/Fragment Activated OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
Stabilized OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
QL x 4/1
136623 136625 + 164956 = 164958 Skills: NP/CH
Notum Chip/Fragment Stabilized OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
Super-Stabilized OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
QL x 4/1
164958 + 21793 = 164932 Skills: NP/CH
Stabilized OT
Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots
Nano Armor Sleeves Barter Armor Sleeve QL x 4/4,5

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