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There are various types of towers, all separated by their respective Tower-types, ranging from the Control Tower and Turrets to the Guardians and Special towers. The Special Towers will be presented in a later guide, since these are trade-skill only towers, and will need some construction in order to function. The amount of towers you can place is totally dependant on your level, like so:

Level 15 You may place 1 tower
Level 75 You may place 2 towers
Level 150 You may place 3 towers
Level 200 You may place 4 towers

As well as limits to how many towers you may place, there are also other personal and organizational limits as to how many towers of each type you may place, which means you have to plan ahead a bit if you really want your organization to get as much out of the towers as you want. An organization may not place more than one type of controller at a time, IE - you are not allowed to have two separate QL200 Control Towers. Placing a QL200 and a QL10 Control Tower at separate locations is fine however. Organizations are also restricted to a max amount of five Control Towers (or bases). As for the individual player, you may not place two towers of the same type. For instance, you may not place two Solar Turrets. With the basic rules spread out, lets start with the first thing you will need in order to put up the rest of your base, the Control Tower. The Control Tower will allow you to build more towers on the patch of land you have claimed as your own. The Control Tower will also allow your guild to have the guild-advantages in our separate guide about those.

Control Towers[]

Control Towers will determine the quality level of the guild advantages you will be using, so make sure you try to build as high of a control tower that the landpatch allows. If the area has a range of QL100-200 it is really a shame to build a QL100 tower there, since a lot of potential will just be wasted. To be able to place a control tower, you must be part of the organizations top three ranks and of course possess enough skill to place the tower. A QL200 Control Tower requires 800 Computer literacy and 600 Psychology skill to put up.


Turrets next. Turrets are towers that will do most of the fighting. They give personal buffs, just like any other tower, but are more suitable to fire on intruders. There are a few of these Turrets that you may build - they are as follows...

File:203071.png Fire Sprouting Turret

This tower gives its owner personal bonuses to Dimach, Riposte, Brawling and Martial Arts, and should be a very nice for Martial Artists and perhaps Enforcers to place inside your base.

File:203055.png Massive Cannon Turret

The Massive Cannon Turrets is a dream come true for any healing profession, since it adds to both Biomet and Mat metam and as such will be a welcome addition for any doctors in the organization.

File:203047.png Simple Missile Turret

This turret adds some to melee AC. Other than that it feels a lot like this tower is only a filler unless you have any better ideas on what to place.

File:203063.png Solar Turret

If you like playing it safe, a Solar turret is never wrong. It adds an overall AC-bonus to its owner and is a basic cornerstone in building your base. After all, who would say no to an extra body armor?

Turrets are the prime defense for your base. You will really want to get these unless you are certain that your base is in such an area that getting there is too much of a hassle for any attackers to bother with it. Important to note is that you may only place a single turret of each type, which means that you are not allowed to place two Massive Cannon Turrets, like mentioned earlier.

The nicest turrets are trade-skill only and includes the pulse-turrets, the decloaker and the real heavy-duty ones like the Atomic Turrets.

Guardian Towers[]

And last but not least the Guardian Towers. Guardian Conductor Towers are towers that will not only give personal advantages but also AOE (Area Of Effect) buffs/debuffs when your base is being attacked either by increasing your own defending sides stats or by decreasing the attacking side stats.

Although guardian towers will shoot (a bit) they are highly unreliable as for defensive purposes. You should back up your Conductors with regular turrets in order to get a strong base setup. Like with the Turrets, the really nice Conductors are trade-skill only and includes amongst others towers like the Conductor of Corruption which increases both TimeSpace and Matcreation skills. And, if someone could please come to the Towers Shop in Borealis and stop Twicer from drooling all over that QL250 Guardian Conductor of Focus tower adding to tradeskills, we would appreciate it...

The various non-tradeskill Guardian Conductors bonuses are as follows...

File:203029.png Guardian Conductor of Derivation

Gives a personal owner buff to Nano Init as well as an AOE effect of -Nano Init to any opponent in the area.

File:202979.png Guardian Conductor of Speed

Gives a buff to Physical and Melee Init as well as an smaller AOE effect to Physical and Melee Init to any ally in the area.

File:202947.png Guardian Conductor of Life

Gives a nice personal buff to Hitpoints for its owner as well as an AOE Heal Delta to any allies in the area.

File:202997.png Guardian Conductor of Tapping

Gives a personal owner buff to Concealment as well as an AOE effect of -HP to any opponent in the area.

File:202955.png Guardian Conductor of Mind

Gives a personal buff to Nanopool as well as an AOE Nano delta to any allies in the area.

File:203021.png Guardian Conductor of Transfer

Gives an owner buff to all defensive checks (Add All Def) as well as an AOE debuff to All Def to any opponent in the area.

File:203013.png Guardian Conductor of Ransacking

Gives a small wrangle-effect to ranged weaponskills and also an AOE debuff the same skills to any opponent in the area.

File:202971.png Guardian Conductor of Will

Gives a personal owner buff to Psymod and SenseImp as well as an AOE buff to Nano Resist to any ally in the area.


As you can see, the non-tradeskill conductors, and indeed the majority of the Turrets are the most common cornerstones of any base. They are easy to balance out with the organization advantages and compliment eachother quite nicely. Nevertheless, if you intend on having a larger and higher QL base, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the various tradeskill-towers as well as these are more specialized and att more surprises to anyone foolish enough to attack your base.

Last updated 15. December 2002

Contributors Kzak, Atlantean


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