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This dungeon is located in The Longest Road at the Omni Mining Facility. It can be visited by levels 50-100 in search of experience, although the higher end of that range would have to wait to later in the dungeon to gain any experience.


  • Location: The Longest Road, (2000, 800)
  • Zone: Foreman's Office
  • Official Name: Biomare (Biological Materials Research)

How to get there[]

  • By Grid
    The closest grid point is West Athen, from there out the western exit and follow the road into Athen Shire then keep going on the road, you'll zone into Longest Road eventually. Then head to the Omni Mining Facility in the centre of the zone.
  • By Fixer Grid
    There are three exits from the Fixer Grid leading to the Longest Road. All of them are on the sixth floor, and the exit on the left is nearest to the dungeon, just west of it.
  • By Whompah
    • Clan
      • The closest whompah is Bliss, from Old Athen, go South from whompah and out the main gate, South to road and West. Or just go up onto a second story walkway and jump over wall and head south to the road.

[Updated] If you are a clanner looking for a faster way to Foreman's, take the grid to 2HO, run to your right straight into the Longest Road Whompah, run straight forward and its just on the left just around the corner. There are guards on this route and its an Omni city, so be careful.. But by the level you are high enough to actually go to Foreman's, you have enough run speed to maybe take 1 hit, or get flagged. That's why there are always so many flagged players there! Have fun -- Hajuu

    • Omni.
      • There is an Omni Whompah in 2HO that goes just south of the Biomare entrance.
      • There is a new route from Rome to Broken Shores to Longest Road that arrives right next to the Whompah that goes from Longest Road to 2HO. For Omni, this is the quickest, safest route.

The Dungeon[]

You will enter the dungeon into a large hallway. The first section of the dungeon is a series of high ceiling corridors with Omni guards. As in all the static dungeons in AO all the mobs have much higher hit points than their counterpart in missions or in the wild. I would recommend a full group to ensure that you experience the least hiccups along the way.

It is also helpful to have an Engineer along with the ability to warp. This way that if you do suffer casualties on the way through they do not have to fight back to you if the dungeon has respawned. (The closest saving terminal is in the middle of the mine for Omni-Tek personnel only)

The respawn on the mobs is around fifteen minutes so always bear that in mind when working through the dungeon, wait too long in one place and you could get in trouble.

The mobs in the dungeon drop far more loot than outside or in missions, this dungeon can be be profitable as well as enjoyable. Basically, every Rubi-Kan citizen above level 70 and below level 100, should have visited this dungeon at least once and have the record of a successful neutralization of T.I.M. under his/her belt.

About halfway through you will reach an underground cave with mutants and lab technicians, that is where the dungeon starts to get harder with mobs that will give those level 65+ experience.Biomare

Monster List[]

  • Reception Clerk
  • Various Omni-Tek guard type monsters (Base Guards, Bodyguards, Neutralizers, Security Officers, etc.)
  • Chemical Vindicator
  • Toxic Floater
  • Mech Dogs/ Patrol Dogs
  • Various robot type monsters (Hauler Bot, Rejector, Data Collector)
  • Shadow Mutants
  • Bio Constructs
Bodyguards (Level 68)
Mop bodyguard biomare


The Bodyguards try to stop all invaders, as best as they can.

Respawntime: every 10 minutes


Neutralizer (Level 54)
Foreman mob neutralizer


Neutralizer ...
Respawntime: Every 10 minutes




Mop tim


A huge Level 100 slayerdroid called T.I.M is the last Boss you can find here.

You need at least two good groups (or some High level Player) to conquer.

Respawn time: every 20 Minutes 15% Spawn Chance, otherwise every 4h.

Attack Information Immunities Special Attacks

Type: Melee damage (x2)
Range: 2m

Calms: 100%

Charms: 100%
Fears: 100%

No special attacks.


Lab Director[]

Mop lab director

Lab Director

The second boss is the Lab Director (Level 80), his respawn rate is a 20% chance every 20 minutes. He drops papers required by bureaucrats for their business suit, as this item is much valued among the profession the director is often camped, sometimes with a very long wait. He can be difficult to find as well as you must scale up a high series of steps up the side of a massive cloning vault to reach his office.

Respawn time: every 20 minutes.

Attack Information Immunities Special Attacks

Type: Projectile damage (x1)
Range: 2m

Calms: 100%

Charms: 100%
Fears: 100%

No special attacks.


  • File:156771.png Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000
  • File:156332.png Sealed Order FPGA-202 for All-Match Augmented Bow Tie (Tradeskill Guide)
  • File:156328.png Sealed Order XITL-0127 for OT Standard Executive Secretary Suit (Tradeskill Guide)
  • File:156330.png Sealed Order BLCG-7791 for Standard Clans Administration Suit Clan (Tradeskill Guide)

Tri Plumbo[]

Mop tri plumbo

Tri Plumbo

The third boss is Tri Plumbo (Level 80).
:You can find him in a sewer part of this dungeon, which can be found fairly early into the hallways, through a series of broken glass windows in a wall.
After walking/swimming through a lot of water, you will end up in a large brownish room with waterfalls and some sort of concrete platforms in the upper section of the room.
Tri Plumbo spawns in the middle of this room, surrounded by Toxic Floaters. Tri Plumbo drops a nice ring which adds to HP.

Respawn time: 20 minutes.

Attack Information Immunities Special Attacks

Type: Melee damage (x1)
Range: 2m

Calms: 80%

Charms: 80%
Snares: 80%
Roots: 80%
Divests & Plunders: 80%
Initiative Debuffs: 80%
Fears: 100%

No special attacks.



Quintus Romulus[]

Quintus Romulus (Dr. Romulus - needs a special type of DNA to advance his research)



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