Body developmentEdit

Body development determines a character's maximum health and health delta. A character's breed determines the number of maximum health points per point of body development.

Body development clusters
x21px Body Dev Cluster - Shiny (Chest)(Auno)
x21px Body Dev Cluster - Bright (Waist)(Auno)
x21px Body Dev Cluster - Faded (Leg)(Auno)

Body development buff nanosEdit

Body development buff itemsEdit

Nano energy poolEdit

Nano energy pool determines a character's maximum nano energy and nano delta. A character's breed determines the amount of nano energy per point of nano pool.

Nano pool clusters
x21px Nano Pool Cluster - Shiny (Chest)(Auno)
x21px Nano Pool Cluster - Bright (Head)(Auno)
x21px Nano Pool Cluster - Faded (Waist)(Auno)

Nano pool buff nanosEdit

Nano pool buff itemsEdit

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