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There is very little doubt that making Bracelets of Arul Saba is one of the most difficult tradeskill operations currently in game because its huge number of processes, vast quantities of materials, and high-ish skill requirements. That being said, these bracers are also one of items considered essential for most characters, even after two expansions have been released since the advent of the Shadowlands. The classic game brought about very few bracer items with very little effects, but the release of the Shadowlands introduced this tradeskill process to make a bracer item that gave a huge bonus to damage.

Required skills[]

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Nano Programing (NP) ?

Required Items and Tools[]

Amount Component *1 Location min. QL
1 Bracelet Pattern C Arul Saba in Jobe Market IPS Special QL
1 Balance Adjuster C Arul Saba QL 10
x+1 Small Silver Ingot C Rubi-Ka Loot min. QL 190
* Arul Saba Gems C Shadow Land Dungeon Boss Loot Varies
x Robot Junk C Robotic Mob Loot min. QL 190
x+1 Personal Furnace C Shop
Mechanical and Electrical
Engineering Components
x*2 Nano Circuitry Wire C Shop
General Components
1 Wire Drawing Machine R Shop
Tools for Electrical
and Mechanical Engineering
min. QL 100 ?
1 Screwdriver R QL10
*1 R = reuseable, C = consumed

For the components marked with a 'x' you need an amount equal to the number of gems that will be placed in the bracer, up to five. This number is determined by the blue print that you buy, a one gem blue print will mean that x = 1 while if you have a four gem blue print x = 4. When you see 'x+1' it means you need one more then the x number. x*2 means you need twice the amount of x in that item for the process.

The silver ingots out of the Shadowlands cannot be used for this process, you need to use the items named 'Small Silver Ingot'.

Robot junk can be found from any robotic monster, such as those found (near Alvin) but for this use you will need higher ql junk so you will probably need to kill slayerdroids, such as the ones found near Lush Hills Resort or from high level missions.

Arul Saba Gems[]

While most of the parts for this project are fairly easy to get a hold of, given the right amount of time and credits, the components that make the bracelets worth while are really the gems. Gems drop from Shadowlands static dungeon bosses in all areas. Note that the Static Dungeons are different from the often visited Spirit and Archaic Dungeons that drop Tier armor parts.

There are five main grades to the gems, and one lesser grade that each drop in different areas.

  • The lesser gems drop from dungeon bosses in both Nascence and Elysium. Lesser Gems are used to make one gem bracelets that can be used at level 60.
  • Arbiter grade gems are found in Scheol
  • Monarch gems drop from bosses in Adonis
  • Emperor gems drop in Penumbra
  • Stellar grade gems can be found in Inferno
  • Galactic gems dropped from bosses in Alappa of the Penumbra Quest. Though some of the gems are missing as of current patch
Gem Lesser Gem Effect
Burning Plasma Firey Plasma Energy Dmg
Rainbow-Hued Sky Scarlet-Hued Sky Radiation Dmg
Frozen Tundra Icy Tundra Cold Dmg
Searing Desert Empty Desert Fire Dmg
Silent Killer Insidious Killer Poison Dmg
Jaged Landscape Craggy Landscape Projectile Dmg
Carroded Glory Decayed Glory Chemical Dmg
Bruised Brawler Novice Brawler Melee Dmg
Eternal Juggernaut Frail Juggernaut Max Health
Infinite Moebius Broken Moebius Max Nano and Health

Tradeskill Process[]

The process for making a bracer of Arul Saba can be broken up into a number of steps that can be done seperately.

Blue Print[]

Bracelet blueprints can be balanced to the left or to the right, which, in the end, determines what wrist slot they can be worn on. If you are planning on making a pair of bracelets, then you need two (2) blueprints of the same type and both a Balance Adjuster - Right and a Balance Adjuster - Left.

Also keep in mind that the type of blue print you buy will ultimately effect the level that is required to wear the bracer.

File:130564.png + 151025 = 151025 Skills:
Balance Adjuster Unbalanced Bracelet Blueprints Balanced Bracelet Blueprints ?

Bracelet Circuitry:[]

The Bracelet Circuitry component to the Arul Saba Bracelet is an essential part that can be made well ahead of time and is crafted out of some very common items from Rubi-Ka. For the final Bracelet you will need one Bracelet Circuitry for each gem that will be put in the Bracelet.

150930 + File:151013.png = File:151372.png Skills:
Personal Furnace Small Silver Ingot Liquid Silver QL x 3,2 (ME)
File:150917.png + File:151372.png = File:151017.png Skills:
Wire Drawing Machine Liquid Silver Silver Filigree Wire QL x 4,8 (ME)
File:150919:190.png + File:151017.png = File:151017.png Skills:
Nano Circuitry Wire Silver Filigree Wire Silver Nano Circuitry Filigree Wire ?
150922 + File:42620:190.png = File:150924:190.png Skills:
Screwdriver Robot Junk Nano Sensor none
File:150919:190.png + File:150924:190.png = File:150925:190.png Skills:
Nano Circuitry Wire Nano Sensor Interfaced Nano Sensor QL x (EE)
File:150925:190.png + File:151017.png = File:149937.png Skills:
Interfaced Nano Sensor Silver Nano Circuitry Filigree Wire Bracelet Circuitry ?


The last step of making an Arul Saba Bracelet is a bit more complicated then some other tradeskills, so I will walk you through it.

The first step is that you need to add as many bracelet circuitry items to the balanced blue print as you want gems in the end bracer, up to the limit as determined by the blue print itself. So it means that while you can make the bracer so a four (4) gem pattern have 4 gems, you can also make it so it has a limit of 2. In this case we are making a 4 gem bracelet so we will add 4 bracelet circuitries.

File:149937.png + 151025 = 151025 Skills:
Bracelet Circuitry Balanced Bracelet Blueprint Unfinished Bracelet of Arul Saba ?

The next part is finishing off the bracelet proper with a coating of silver. Once you do that you cannot add more bracelet circuitries to the bracelet so the limit on the number of gems that can be added will be locked in forever.

150930 + File:151013.png = File:151372.png Skills:
Personal Furnace Small Silver Ingot Liquid Silver QL x 3,2 (ME)
File:151372.png + 151025 = 151025 Skills:
Liquid Silver Unfinished Bracelet of Arul Saba Bracelet of Arul Saba ?

Adding the Gems[]

Most people can get through the last couple of steps ok, but people really start to get confused about when you start adding the gems to the bracer.

First off, if you are planning on making a bracer with the lesser gems, then you only need to get a one gem blue print and go through the above process. By adding a lesser gem to any finished bracer, you will get a bracer for a level 60 character.

For all other bracers you need successively higher grades of gems, of all the same type, that must be added in order of: Arbiter, Monarch, Emperor, Stellar, and Galactic.

Additionaly, its impossible to mix gem types. You cannot add an Arbiter of the Eternal Juggernaut and then a Monarch of the Rainbow-Hued Sky to get a big health boost and Radiation Damage.

For example: if you wanted to make a 3 gem bracer for cold damage you would add an Arbiter gem of the Frozen Tundra, then a Monarch Gem of the Frozen Tundra, then an Emperor gem of the Frozen Tundra in that order. You can't substitute gems in the order, such as using two arbiters, or four monarchs.

File:43072.png + 151025 = File:151026.png Skills:
Arbiter Gem of the Frozen Tundra Bracelet of Arul Saba Bracelet of Arul Saba ?

One trick that can be done though, is that you can add gems in an order and stop before filling the bracelet, and still use it at a lower level of power. So if you are missing some gems you can wait on putting them in till later without penalty. This is done some times with five gem bracelet patterns by people who hope to see a Galatic gem drop in the future.


  • There are many Arul Saba items related to the bracers in the database, but the vast majority of them are not actualy in game. All bracelets in game current either have a damage add and a small health add, a large health boost, or a health and nano boost.
  • An item was introduced with the Inferno Quests called the 'Flawed Arul Saba Prototype' that is not a tradeskill item but has a modest damage add for all damage types.
  • Skill requirements need to be added to some steps.

--Berael 15:18, 25 January 2007 (CET)