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There are many locations on Rubi-Ka where people live and do their daily activities.

Most of these cities can be reached by whom-pah or the Grid network.

There are five different types of cities and town in Rubi-Ka at this time:

  • Clan Cities - These cities are under the direct control of the Council of Truth. They are inhabited by Clan Members, who are defended by Clan guards. Omni-Tek members can go into a Clan City, but they are not welcome and will often be fired upon by the clan guards. Neutrals are usually free to come and go as they please, with notable exceptions, Both Neutrals and Omni cannot shop, insure or take missions there.
  • Omni-Tek Cities - These cities are owned and operated by the Omni-Tek Corporation. Omni-Tek Employees inhabit them, and Omni-Tek Armed Forces patrol them. Clan members can go into an Omni city, but are not welcome and will be fired upon. Neutrals are welcome to come and go as they please. Both Clan and Neutrals cannot shop, insure, or take missions there.
  • Neutral Cities - Neutral cities are most often cities that don't fit into the above categories. Founded for varies reasons, neutral cities welcome all, and all can shop, insure, and take missions there.
  • Ruins - Once one of the above three types, these cities, towns, or outposts have been destroyed or ruined either by the war, or by the local wildlife. They have either been deserted, or it's inhabitants killed. In many cases, the local wildlife have moved in, making this place a dangerous area.
  • Organization Cities - Created by the ICC privitization of urban areas, Organizational cities are affiliated with the side of the Organization that owns the city. Only a member of that org can use the guild hall and reap all the benefits, though anyone with Alien Invasion can use it's shop.

List of all (non-organizational) cities, towns, and ruins[]