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Building a City[]

The purpose of this document is to easily explain what is needed to make a city. Enjoy :-D

Building Types[]

The first thing you need to know is the difference between a :

  • Regular Building Structure
  • Advanced Building Structure

This have nothing to do with the QL of a building, but the type.

Advanced Structures[] Headquarter Market Guard House

Regular Structures[] Grid House Notum Mining Operations Notum Silo Landing Pad Satellite Uplink ECM Tower Swimming Pool Sidewalk Cafe Sky Bar

Making a Building[]

Quality level of a building[]

The next thing you need to know is what QL building you want to make (Range: QL1 - QL300). The QL of a building is decided by one item used in the process : The Generic Organic Immunity System. A QL300 will give you a QL300 building, and a QL1 will give you a QL1 building. Simple and easy. You can buy them in Bazzit shop in Meetmedere, but he only sell max QL75, so if you want to make higher QL buildings, you need to get them elsewhere.

High QL Generic Organic Immunity Systems[]

Now, the way to get higher QL Generic Organic Immunity System is to gather Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material. Alien Drop. These can be refined by using a Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. The only problem is that clumps can turn into several (15?) types of items, so cross your fingers and hope for Kyr'Ozch Viral Serum. This is what you need to make a high QL Generic Organic Immunity System. You also need a Manteze Scout Nasal Membrane. RK drop. If you find a QL300 Clump you can (if you are lucky) refine a QL300 Kyr'Ozch Viral Serum that will end up in a QL300 Generic Organic Immunity System.

Clump QL = Generic Organic Immunity System QL = QL of the end product (Any building)

Making the Generic Organic Immunity System (from serum) :

Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer + Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material = Kyr'Ozch Viral Serum, hopefully (4.5 x ql EE) + =

Advanced Bio-Comminutor + Manteze Scout Nasal Membrane = Membrane Pulp (400 Pharma) + =

Membrane Pulp + Kyr'Ozch Viral Serum = Generic Organic Immunity System (3.5 x Pharma) + =

Now, If your serum was QL300 you have a QL300 Generic Organic Immunity System and are ready to make a QL300 building.

Making a Regular Building Structure[]

To make any kind of building (regular or advanced) you always need to make a Regular Building Structure. The QL of this structure is, as mentioned, decided by the QL of your Generic Organic Immunity System, and will also decide the the QL of the end product. You need to buy (Shop in Meetmedere) Generic Volatile Nanobots, HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate (one per building structure, at least ql 100) and Blueprint - Regular Building Structure (Reusable tool) to make a Regular Building Structure.

Regular Building Structure - The process :

Generic Volatile Nanobots + HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate = Strong Regenerating Bioplate (4 x Chem) + =

Strong Regenerating Bioplate + Generic Organic Immunity System = Superior Bioplate (3.5 x Chem) + =

Blueprint - Regular Building Structure + Superior Bioplate = Regular Building Structure (4 x Mech Eng) + =

Alternative way of making Strong Regenerating Bioplate[]

Kill Stalkers (see Resources), you get Stalker Carapace

Use a neutron displacer on the carapace and you get Non-regenerating bioplate.

File:149815.png + File:247817.png = File:247755.png

Kill Rollerat Queens for Rollerrat Queen Blood and use bio-comminutor on it to produce Rollerrat Queen Erythrocyte

File:154332.png + File:247758.png = File:247759.png

Use Rollerrat Queen Erythrocyte on Non-regenerating bioplate to make a Strong Regenerating Bioplate

File:247759.png + File:247755.png = File:247757.png

Saves you the money of buying HSR bioplate + volatile nanobots (which costs about 3.7mil). About droprate, I went up there and killed 6 stalkers, got 2 carapaces. (Credit: Evilbaffle - Inner Circle - RK2)

Now you can make all of the regular bulidings. All you need is to buy a Floorplan from the shop in Meetmedere. (Only Regular building types).

Completing the Building[]

Make your Regular Building : (example)

QL300 Regular Building Structure + Floorplan - Omni-Tek Swimming Pool = QL300 Omni-Tek Swimming Pool (5 x QL of structure in Computer Literacy)

Buildings is ready to be planted.

Advanced Structures[]

To make an Advanced Structure you need to upgrade your Regular Building Structure.

The items needed :

Drops on RK :

  • Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg
  • Slow Killing Poison
  • Unrefined Notum Salt

Other items :

  • Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI (From store in [[Meetmedere])
  • Regular Building Structure (described above)

Tools :

  • Bio Communicator

Advanced Building Structure - The process : (QL300 HQ as an example)

Unrefined Notum Salt + Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg = Mutating Giant Chirop Egg (400 Pharma) + =

Slow Killing Poison + Mutating Giant Chirop Egg = Poisoned Giant Chirop Egg (400 Chem) + =

Basic Bio Communicator + Poisoned Giant Chirop Egg = Mutating Bio-Pulp (400 Pharma) + =

Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI + Mutating Bio-Pulp = Bio Mechanical Computer (400 QFT) + =

Bio Mechanical Computer + QL300 Regular building Structure = QL300 Superior Building Structure (4x Mech Eng) + =

Floorplan - Omni-Tek Large Organization Headquarters + Superior Building Structure = QL300 Large Omni-Tek Organization Headquarters + =

This requires 5 x the QL of the building structure in Computer Literacy to combine.

Be aware that there are 3 types of HQs and Markets (Floorplans) :

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

QL 1-100 = Small QL 101-200 = Medium QL 201-300 = Large

Be sure to pick the right one. :) Using a QL300 Advanced Structure on a Small HQ Floorplan is NOT a good idea.

Also note that Floorplans are NODROP.

Size of buildings / floorplans[]

Building Size
Large Organization Headquarters 4x4
Medium Organization Headquarters 4x4
Small Organization Headquarters 3x3
Grid House 1x1
Guard House 1x1
Satellite Uplink Center 1x1
Mining Operations Center 2x2
Notum Silo 3x3
Landing Pad 2x2
Sidewalk Cafe 2x2
Swimming Pool 3x4
Small ECM Tower 2x2
ECM Tower 3x3
Sky Bar 1x2
Market 2x2

Planting the buildings[]

To plant or modify your city you need to right click the City Controller and enter the build tab. Depending on your organization governing form, you must have rank 2, 1 or higher to be able to access the build or demolition tab. Drop your building into the build section, and you can now move it to the best fitted location in your city. Keep in mind that most buildings will by default face north. By using the rotate button it will rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Most buildings larger than 1x1 also have a facing dot so you can easily see what direction the door is facing.

WARNING: If you demolish the HQ building your entire city will go poof.

City decoration[]

A plain city with only buildings can be booring, so be sure to stop by the Bazzit Shop in Meetmedere and buy some decoration. Here you can get trees, lamp poles, statues etc.. Enjoy :-D


Resources and possible locations mentioned in this guide:

  • Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg from a Giant Chirop
    • Clondyke, south of the reservoir
    • Aegen SW and SE corners
    • Varmit woods
    • NE in Pleasant Meadows
    • NE in Wailing Wastes
    • Street West Bank - 2001.1, 1828.9
    • "Monster Pit" Pleasant Meadows - 3150, 2500
  • Slow-Killing Poison from a Scarlatina Omus
    • Mort
    • Central Artery Valey 946.8, 1858.8
  • Unrefined Notum Salt from a Salt Worm
    • In a valley of sorts NE of Broken Shores whompah.
    • Perpetual Wasteland 408.9, 1503.7
  • Rollerrat Queen Blood from a Rollerrat Queen
    • Aegean 1865.7, 2776.6, 13.6, Area: Delirium; It is marked as a level 50 dynacamp east from The Mask of Comedy, propably the best spot
    • Wailing Wastes, 2350 970 - leads to a tunnel into the mountain
    • Stret West Bank
  • Manteze Scout Nazal Membrane from Manteze Scouts
    • 4 Holes, West Swamps
  • Stalker Carapace from Stalkers
    • Upper Stret East Bank, north
  • Basic Bio-Comminutor of at least QL 80 (Bazzit's Miscellany - MMD)
  • Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI (Uncle Bazzit Miscellany - MMD)


Thanks to all the hard working guys at Shadow Realm for gathering all the information. If you know of any specific people we should mention here, feel free to add them.

--Baffle 16:58, 7 Jun 2005 (CEST)