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Home: City of Mystery

The City of Home is an ambigously aligned city that can be found in the southern reaches of Broken Shores.


The City of Home is truly a city of mystery that is nestled in the dunes of the Broken Shores. Unlike many cities that have few records of their origin, Home has no records of its origins. The City is also not recorded on any survey maps of the Terraformed zone, which leaves a question of who actualy built the city. The visible populace of the city might indicate that the city is Clan aligned because the strange tattooed guard sport that alignment, but if an Omni-Tek employee passes them they do not give chase, only holding their posts silently. Additionaly, there is a large population of Neutral merchants among the handful of Clan ones, with the two terminals side by side. Home is the only place in the Terraformed zone where this mixing of merchants and services happen.

If we look at how the city is constructed the clues to its origin or purpose still fail. The city is made of fitted stone that is only seen else where on Rubi-Ka in Avalon where Lord Galahad built he castle and founded his knights, or at the Temple of the Three Winds. This poses a small problem though, since for the Clans to hold, let alone build, as large of a city as Home so far south near Rome would demand a major military retaliation. The city is not built in the Omni-Tek style which almost immediately rules out the chance of it being an Omni-Tek City. Another element to consider is that the city is built very similarly to a Temple city of sorts that has many small dwellings built on top each other with ramps and walkways that go between all the various levels of the city. The huge size of the main temple and the pyramind, along with the force feild would rule out Neutrals as the source of the construction since they would not build something so ambigous or extensive without a stated purpose.

Another reason to suspect that the City of Home is not a true Neutral city is that when the ICC Peacekeepers were deployed, no guards were sent to the City of Home.

These elements would lead us to conclude that City of Home is not a city that was built by any of the factions on Rubi-Ka, which should strike fear into the hearts of any academic and joy into the hearts of any adventurer since the question then comes up: who built Home?

The Xan Connection[]


Home Temple

For those who travel the Shadowlands and have visited the icy tundra of Penumbra many of the features of Home should become immediately familar. The pillars around the city that glow with the Notum blue light are very common to the temple of the Unredeemed, as well as some of the Notum harvesting equipment that is found there. In fact, the main temple in Home shares major structural similarities to all of the Unredeemed temples found throughout the Shadowlands, whith the exception that Home seems to be made of fitted stone. The pyramind found in the crater of the city is also a mirror of a simmilar one found in Penumbra.

With this information in hand we can now make a much better examination of the city. As those who travel the Shadowlands well know, the race of people called the Xan experimented with unlocking the metaphysical source of all creation and all life known as the Source. These experiments ultimately led to the crash of their civilization as the opening of the Source tore the dimensions assunder and removed most of their empire out of the real world and into the Shadowlands.

This would suggest that the City of Home is not something built by truly human hands, but a great city that was built eons ago by the hands of the Xan and was deposited on (or remained on, depending on your view) Rubi-Ka when the split happened and was left empty till it was included in the Terraformed zone that Omni-Tek created. Then the reason why the city looks as it does is that while the factions in the Shadowlands have been upkeeping the buildings there, Home has been swept by sand for the past several million years, which would wear away any facade, no matter how advanced.

Creation by the Xan would also imply that a large amount of ancient technology and Notum extraction and refining equipment lays beneath the sand around the city.

This hypothesis was strengthened signifigantly when The Beast was first slain in Pandemonium and the slayers were transported to the temple in the City of Home.


The Inner Door in Home Temple

Present Day[]

The City of Home stands now as a waypoint for travelers seeking to venture further into the burning wastes of the Broken Shores or for those who are returning from slaying The Beast in the Shadowlands.


  • A Grid connection can be made at (643,1314) out on the docks.
  • A Clan Tailor can be found near the grid at (653,1366).
  • A basic Clan weapons dealer can be found at (597,1410).
  • An advanced Neutral armorer can be found at (723,1448).
  • A neutral aligned Pharmacist of advanced quality can be found at (744,1422).
  • A neutral aligned Implant Merchant of advanced quality can be found at (693,1381).
  • A weapons dealer selling advanced quality weapons can be found at (639,1470) and is of a neutral alignment.

Sites to See[]

  • The Temple at Home can be viewed at (635,1550).
  • The Pyramid of Home can be viewed by simply going to the top of the crater through any number of means. unfortunately, visitors cannot come any closer then the edge of the crater rim because force feild of unknown origin holds them back.
  • The impressive western gate of Home can be seen at (771,1479)
  • The prison in Home is located at (591,1378)



The Tattooed Guards of Home

While there are many interesting people to be seen around Home, such as the nanomage priests and the strange tattooed guards, all of them are mute to the questions of any traveler.


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