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Clondyke is a southern terraformed region on the planet Rubi-Ka, residing in territory controlled by Omni-Tek. It is divided by a long river that begin in the north at a lake above Omni Mine HQ and continues all the way south into the Coast of Tranquility and eventually emptying into the sea.

The northern third of the Clondyke region is heavily concentrated on the mining, processing, and shipping of Notum to off-planet destinations, and the sound of the Notum Cannons firing payloads off-planet can be heard throughout the region. The remaining area is more scenic, with tall mountains on portions of the border surrounding rolling hills, forests, and the occasional traces of unincorporated civilization.

Points of Interest[]

Omni Mine HQ Clondyke Region

Omni Mine HQ, Clondyke Region

Omni Mine HQ[]

A large base to the west of the river that is home to Omni-Tek's mining department. The department resides in a large, intimidating building guarded by unmarked Omni-AF soldiers and surrounded by tall barriers. Outside the gate are buildings marked Omni Surveillance, possibly a local detachment focused on protecting Omni-Tek's interests in the region. A heavier detachment of soldiers guard the main entrance to the base.

There are also a number of local merchants, food vendors, an airport, air tower, and an interesting mining museum on the base.

Outside the base not far to the west is a slum of junior Omni-Tek professions fighting off an invasion of low-level Rubi-Ka wildlife.

Notum Cannons[]

To the south of Omni Mine HQ are three heavily-guarded notum cannons that fire payloads of notum off-planet where they are retrieved and shipped to other locations throughout the galaxy.

Notum Mines[]

To the east and over the river of Omni Mine HQ are the mines. They are infested with Gargantulas and Nightcrawlers, spider-like monstrosities that make for good anniversary backpacks.

The mines are in poor condition and it is uncertain if Omni-Tek still mines them for ore. To the north behind the mines is a sump filled with green toxic waste with a trail that leads up to three large pipes that extend outside the mountain.