Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

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General Information[]

Npc commander kend ash


  • Commander Kend Ash
  • Solitus Trader


  • Omni-Tek
  • Organisation unknown


  • In the middle of Omni Trade
  • Coordinates: 433 x 422
  • Area: Trade District

Talk with Commander Kend Ash[]

Commander Kend Ash: Greetings, citizen.

We welcome you to Omni-Trade.
If you are looking for high quality equipment, you've come to the right place.

Cirte: What are you doing here?
Commander Kend Ash: We are here to supply you with equipment at reasonable prices.

Omni-Tek is your friend.

Cirte: Can I buy anything from you?
Commander Kend Ash: No, not me.

I am only supervising the operation here.
Do your shopping in a shopping booth, or approach one of the vendors.
Shop 'til you drop, with Omni-Trans in Trade.

Cirte: Goodbye
Commander Kend Ash: Happy hunting!

--Cirte 20:05, 14 December 2005 (CET)