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Appeareance and Features[]

File:164801.png File:164809.png File:164801.png
ProjectileAC: 4200
MeleeAC: 3500
EnergyAC: 4200
FireAC: 3500
ColdAC: 3500
RadiationAC: 1400
ChemicalAC: 4200
PoisonAC: 3500
Max Health 120
SensoryImprovement: 4
RangedInit.: 24
DodgeRanged: 12
DuckExp: 12
Run Speed: 24
ComputerLiteracy: 8
BreakingEntry: 12
TrapDisarm: 12
Perception: 12

Values compared to Carbonum Armor

Pro 'n' Con[]




CDS Armor is Cyborg loot. According to Friendlyfire, a Solitus fixer, there are several places you can find CDS Armor.

  • Cyborg Barracks in Greater Tir Country. It is east of the Tempel of the Three Winds with the coordinates (3250, 2350)
  • Another Cyborg camp is southwest from the Sentinel HQ (1489, 844) in the region Mort (1360, 570). Travel north from Meetmedere to reach it. The Cyborgs there, according to the Meta Physicists Tecmorris are in the upper 180 level range. There is one building that is enterable but contains hight level MOBs. There are mission terminals in the area as well.
  • Northwest of it, there is another Cyborg camp (Hidden Base) with Cyborgs in the 180 level range. Journey to Hope and then west to reach it. The Camp is in a crater, whose entrance is on the south side.
  • Northeast corner of the Perpetual Wastlands.

Translated by --JungleGeorge 25 February 2007