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Doctor's Dictionary

When you team up with docs, you might hear them use some strange terms (such as WTF!?!) and this Doctor Dictionary will help you translate them.

add: This is short for additional monsters needed' and is used when the monster you are fighting is an easy kill and the doc feels the team can handle more. When you hear this, run into Other rooms and pull more monsters into the fight.

afk: This common term stands for "Attack, Fight, Kill" and is the doc's way of telling you to go pull mobs.

brb: An acronym, this is short for "Boss Room Battle," and is a doc's way of telling the team it's time to fight the dungeon or mission boss. Note that you will also sometimes see "afk brb," meaning the same thing.

out of nano: If your doc says this after a fight, make sure you hit her with your QL 20 nano recharger berfore you run three rooms down and start another major fight.

puller: The team's puller has the important job of "pulling" the team into fights. Usually this is accomplished by having an Agent with no evades Aimed Shot a social mob for 1/2 it's life or by having a similarily HP gimped teammate run into a room and fire off at least three special attacks, thereby pulling the rest of the team into the room to save him. Note that the puller does not have to be the same person every time and it is often best if different people pull as to keep the doc guessing who will drop to 1/3 their life and make her try to figure out what room they are in.

rez sick: When docs say they are rez sick, it means they are sick of dying and ressurecting and they want to go straight to the room in the mission that killed them the first time and start fighting. (note that this is also referred to as "reclaim sick").

tank: This is the person whose job it is to pull mobs to the doc.

wait: "wait" is a bit tricky. While it sounds like the word "wait," as in 'stop,' what the doc is really saying is a shortened version of "waste it all." meaning destroy everything in the area. Docs will use this if they want you to start charging the mission.

WTF!?!: This means "Way To Fight" and is used to complement you on your brilliant tactical choices.

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