Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

An Overview of the Doctor[]

A Doctor is really a biotechnology specialist. The Doctors' prime skills focus mainly on healing and protecting but they also learn how to produce and administer powerful biotoxins that slow, weaken and wear down their opponents. Limited weapon skills can lead to a bumpy ride when going solo, but in a team the Doctor really shines. When chaos descends on the team in combat, its survival usually lies squarely on the Doctor's shoulders, so this profession is not for the faint-hearted.


The heart and soul of every Doctor is their healing nanoes. Everything you do throughout the game will mostly be based on them, and you will be measured as a Doctor by others by how well you can heal. A Doctors' healing lines can be separated into 3 parts - single heals, team heals, and Heals over Time (HoTs).

Single Heals[]

Single heals are the most powerful tools a Doctor has. These heals require Biological Metamorphosis (BM) and Material Metamorphosis (MM) and will heal a single target for an amount that varies depending on the heal you're using. Besides your basic single heal, there are 2 types with special rules: Complete Heals and Shadowland(SL) Heals.

Complete Heals[]

There are 2 complete heals in AO for Doctors: Complete Healing(single target) and Alpha & Omega(team). They are special for 2 reasons. First, they will always heal for 10001 health, ignoring heal modifying buffs, and secondly, when they are cast in SL they will taunt the attacking mobs for a large amount. This will often spell death for lower level Doctors, so be careful when using CH in SL.

Shadowland(SL) Heals[]

SL heals are all level-locked, and come with an additional temporary HP boost. This boost will not overwrite itself, lasts 12 seconds, and will heal the HP boosted, making 1 heal every 12 seconds more powerful then usual. Note that the temporary HP buff on the first SL heal (Cellular Recuperation) will overwrite itself, thus making it most powerful than the 201 lock heal (Assauge Pain) in almost every situation.

Team Heals[]

Team heals also require BM and MM to cast, and will heal you full team for the amount listed. Note that, except for Alpha & Omega, Distributed Care is the best team heal when rates at amount healed per second by a small amount.

Heals over Time (HoTs)[]

HoTs are nanoes that run for 2 minutes 20 seconds and heal for a small amount once every 5 seconds. These heals require your target to have enough NCU available for them, and require Time and Space (TS) in addition to BM and MM to cast.

HP Buffs[]

As a doctor, you have the ability to raise the HP of yourself and your teammates through your nanoes. There are 2 versions of Doctor HP buffs, the Short HP Buffs(single) and the Long HP Buffs(team).

Short HP Buffs[]

Short HP buffs are single targets buffs that will raise the max HP of the target and heal the amount of HP raised. These buffs require BM, MM, and Matter Creation (MC) to cast, and will last for up to 8 minutes 20 seconds.

Long HP buffs[]

Long HP buffs are team buffs that will raise the max HP of the entire team. These nanoes will not heal the amount of HP given, but instead come with a slow HoT. These buffs can last for up to an hour.

Init Debuffs[]

These nanoes are powerful tools that will keep yourself and your team alive longer by reducing the damage done to you. They come with a large init debuff and a small damage debuff, so the target will attack slower and for less, and require Psychological Modification (PM) and BM to cast. There are two kinds of init debuffs, breakable (Decrepitude, Festering Plague, Wasted Limbs, Advanced Frailty, Phantom Weight, and Tired Limbs) that have a 20% chance to break when dealt damaage, and unbreakable (Uncontrollable Body Tremors (UBT), Rapid Palsy, Induce Musculature Spasms, Muscle Atrophy, Exhaust Muscles, and Lesser Muscle Atrophy) that will last the full duration of the nano or until the target dies, regardless of damage dealt. The unbreakable nanoes are generally more useful, as although they debuff for less, they are guarenteed to remain on the target.

Damage over Time (DoTs)[]

DoTs are a main weapon of the Doctor profession, and require MC and BM to cast. These nanoes will slowly eat away at your target's HP, and come in 3 lines. DoT lines A, B, and C may all be run at the same time, allowing for up to 3 DoT nanoes to be running simultaneously on your target. You can see what line the DoT you have is by checking it's info window. Note that Wrack and Ruin, a DoT line A nano, is special in that it also debuffs the target's base attack skills (such as Pistol, 1he, etc.) by 100 in addition to the damage.

Misc Nanoes and Buffs[]

Treatment and First Aid[]

Doctors have a line of buffs to treatment are first aid, that require PM and Sensory Improvement (SI) to cast. The last buff in this line, Superior First Aid, gives +80 to both skills and is the best treatment buffing nano in the game.

Grid Access[]

Doctors have a line of grid access nanoes. They takes a long time to cast (the fastest still takes a minute), but will not reduce your HP and nano when you enter the grid (like some Fixer nanoes do). This line takes BM, SI, and TS to cast.


Doctors have a line of small nukes that take BM and MC to cast, the most powerful of which does 288-560 points of damage a cast.

Strength and Stamina Buffs[]

Doctors have a small line of Strength and Stamina buffs. These buffs take BM and MM to cast and stack with Enforcer's Essences (other Str buffs, such as Prodigious Strength and the Keeper's self line, will not stack with our line.) The +10 nano, Enlarge, is a single target nano, whereas Iron Circle, the +20 buff, is team cast.

Divest and Plunder Resist[]

Doctors have a line of level-locked nanoes that give an inheirent chance to resist the Trader's Divest and Plunder nano lines. These nanoes take BM and MC to cast, and only last for about a minute. They are also dyna loot only.

Heal Delta Buffs[]

Doctors have a line of 4 heal delta buffs that require BM and MC to cast. Note that the "Improved" nanoes in this line are SL chest loot only, and will be titled "Weird-looking _____". Do NOT attempt to repair these nanoes, or you will not the the improved version.

Nano Resist Buff[]

Doctors have a line of Nano Resist buffs that take BM and TS to cast. Note that the "Improved" nanoes in this line are SL chest loot only, and will be titled "Weird-looking _____". Do NOT attempt to repair these nanoes, or you will not the the improved version.

Nano Inititive Buffs[]

Doctors have a line of Nano Init. buffs that take PM and SI to cast Note that the "Improved" nanoes in this line are SL chest loot only, and will be titled "Weird-looking _____". Do NOT attempt to repair these nanoes, or you will not the the improved version. The Advanced and Greater versions are obtained through a Scheol quest.

Epsilon Purge[]

This nano is a unique doctor nano that takes SI and TS to cast and, if landed, will remove 5 nanoes from each nano type (Medical, Space, Prot, Psy, Combat) from your target's NCU that cost 35 NCU or less.

Nemesis Nano[]

The Doctor's nemesis nano targets Bureaucrats, and will debuff all their nano skills by 750 and drain their nano pool. This nano lasts 15 seconds, and takes BM and MM to cast. You can buy it from the VP nano vendor in Towershops.