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The sleepy outpost of Drumdar

In the eastern reaches of The Longest Road this small Neutral aligned outpost can be found. The town is currenctly occupied by Clan insurgent forces.


The history of Drumdar is elusive, but is probably much like that of other small Neutral outposts. At the end of the First Rubi-Ka Civil War, several members of the Clans and Omni-Tek, seeing what the war was going to offer them, broke their ties with their sides and sought out places to live in non-political zones around Rubi-Ka.

We can surmise a couple of things about the history of Drumdar simply from its construction. The outpost is constructed of a high tech, reinforced cob and molded mostly by hand or hand tools rather then industrial tools. We can see this in the small size of the buildings which is required as a load bearing tecnique of cob construction. Additionaly, the interiors of the buildings have rounded corners and flowing walls and ceilings which is completely unlike cities like Meetmedere or even Rome. This would also imply that Drumdar is not a Notum mining outpost that was made by Omni-Tek.

During the gearing up of the sided forces that eventualy gave rise toThe Notum Wars, the ICC dispached a large group of Peacekeepers to Rubi-Ka in order to make an attempt to protect them from the war that was raging around them. In the case of Drumdar a small group of ICC Peacekeepers was stationed in the outpost as a deterent to Clan or Omni-Tek forces looking to use it as a battle ground.

This little outpost had a small moment of fame back in September of 29479 when it was attacked by mutants from the Biomare materials research facility to the west. A mist rose up and filled the forest around the village before the mutants appeared, giving time for nearby Clansmen to make their way to the village and help rally a defense with the villagers and the ICC Peacekeepers. Later is was found that some of the mutants were horribly deformed members of Drumdar who had gone missing.

Present Day[]


Examples of Cob work in Drumdar

Recently, a group of armed Clan insurgents, lead by Chief Gunner Kyle Swan, has moved into Drumdar and ousted or killed the ICC guards of the town. This has thrust the tiny town of Drumdar into turmoil once again as opposing forces come to oust Swan and his croonies.


  • Being that Drumdar is an outpost, its services are very limited in scope. All the shops are tended by the merchants that live there, and the some what remote location relegates them to only basic quality merchandise. Even despite that though, there is a Pharmacist, Armorer, and Weaponsmith in Drumdar.
  • Drumdar sports mission posting Terminals as well as Insurance Terminals.

Sights to See[]

  • Drumdar is a quaint little town that has a lot of character. Saying that, its residents are either supremely confident of the worthlessness of their possessions to would be robbers, or they don't mind people trapsing through at all hours of the day, because none of the buildings are locked and open to entrance by all.


  • Even though the folk of Drumdar are trusting, they are also very private so there are few people to actualy talk to.


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