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General Information[]

Npc eco red


  • Eco Red
  • Solitus Struktur Manager


  • Clan
  • Eco Warriors


  • In a secret installation on top of a mountain in Aegean.
  • Coordinates: 625 x 1149
  • Area: The Rising Sun

Talk with Eco Red[]

Cirte: Hello.
Eco Red: Yes!
Cirte: Tell me about yourself.
Eco Red: I thought most people knew me pretty well. Oh well, what would you like to know?
Cirte: What do you do?
Eco Red: I am with the Eco Warriors, man. I do strucural management.
Cirte: What do the Eco Warriors do?
Eco Red: We fight for animals' rights, man, and the environment.

We care for the ecosystem, and make sure the subject is never taken off the political agenda.
Somebody's got to take a stand, you know.

Cirte: Who do the Eco Warriors fight?
Eco Red: The main enemy is Omni-Tek of course, but we oppose anyone hurting the fragile ecosystem on this planet.

The only ones to practice systematic mass destruction of the flora and fauna on the planet are Omni-Tek though.

Cirte: How does Omni-Tek destroy the eco system?
Eco Red: They charge forward with no regard for the environment.

They experiment with fragile species, mutating them for "scientific" purposes.
Then, when their experiments fail, they kill the innocent beings, or deprive them of freedom.
It just makes med so furious! And don't get me started on the extermination reward plan...

Cirte: Tell me about the extermination reward plan?
Eco Red: Philip Ross got this "great" idea just after he was promoted, before I came here actually.

He decided the stray mutants, mutants his labs created, were becoming a nuisance, so he started putting a price on their heads.
That's why you see trigger-happy people all over the planet, of all alignments, killing innocent animals.

Cirte: When was this plan put into effect?
Eco Red: You're not listening?

As I said, it was right after Ross was put into office, late forties...
Yeah that's it, 29448!

Cirte: Thanks.
Eco Red: Okay, okay, is there anything else on your mind?
Cirte: What kind of members do the Warriors have?
Eco Red: Pretty much like me, man.

Passionate people, from all over the galaxy, dude.
The ecosystem is particularly fragile here, and in need of desperate help.
We have an important agenda, and people who care.
People who think about more important things than themselves.

Cirte: What kind of action do the Warriors perform?
Eco Red: We raid labs that perform inhumane experiments.

We free mutants, and help them adapt to the local environment.
The way they are treated is a bad bummer man...
We write protests, stage rallies, hold concerts, chain ourselves to trees if need be, and try to manage and increase public awareness over the ecological problems the planet's facing.

Cirte: Where do the mutants come from?
Eco Red: It all started with Omni-Tek's terraforming of the planet.

A complete terraforming includes a wildlife, of course.
However, you can never successfully, at least in full, reproduce an entire ecosystem, and every attempt creates conditions slightly different from anywhere else.
Local conditions had several effects on the wildlife initially put here, resulting in mutations...of course...that was only the beginning.

Cirte: When did the terraforming start?
Eco Red: A long time ago, lets see, I remember reading about that.

There were a lot of storms that initially delayed the work, but I think they got started about seven hundred years ago...just over that...can't remember the exact year.

Cirte: Wouldn't you say some of those mutants belong in cages?
Eco Red: No living being belongs in a cage.

Some of them pose a danger to humans, yes, but shouldn't Omni-Tek have thought of that when they created the poor thing?

Cirte: I want to talk about something else.
Eco Red: Well okay. Go On!
Cirte: Tell me about yourself.
Eco Red: I thought most people knew me pretty well. Oh well, what would you like to know?
Cirte: Were you born on Rubi-Ka?
Eco Red: No.

As a matter of fact, I only came here about five years ago.
After the end of the last civil war.

Cirte: Where are you from?
Eco Red: Earth, originally, but I've lived all over the galaxy, dude.

Wherever my services are needed.

Cirte: Tell me about Earth.
Eco Red: Not much to tell...

Besides...I haven't been there in a very long while.
Not much for me to do there, as it's completely urbanised. Filled to the brim with capitalists and cultural snobs.

Cirte: How did you get your name?
Eco Red: I was given the name a long time ago.

I forget why.

Cirte: I want to talk about something else.
Eco Red: Please do.
Cirte: What is the local area like?
Eco Red: It is pretty arid, and ecologically very fragile.

Most of the area is comprised of desert, but you will find scattered vegetation and rocky hills.
Water here is preciously scarce.
There is also a significant wildlife, but you don't want to know about that.

Cirte: Tell me about the desert.
Eco Red: The desert, my little dude, is a consequence of many factors.

Still, you will notice that the further north you get on the planet, the drier it gets.
That's only natural, as the north was never meant to be pleasant, and habitable, it was only meant for mining.
The south is where the people were supposed to live.
Of never turned out quite like planned.

Cirte: How so not like planned?
Eco Red: Because some of the miners became clans, and claimed a lot of the northern territory for them to live.

Because Omni-Tek citizens never really wanted to live up there, they sort of let it happen, as long as they retained control of the mines.

Cirte: What's fragile about the local ecosystem?
Eco Red: Where to to explain this in layman's terms...

Ok, because of the 'dryness' of the area, and the heat, the animals living here have had to adapt to very harsh conditions.
You have to understand that with this kind of climate, minor, minor changes can cause ecological uproar, and threaten the species.
If the animals die, that would only put further strain on the local environment, but I don't have time to go into detail.

Cirte: Tell me about the wildlife.
Eco Red: It is pretty diverse, and to a keen environmental enthusiast like myself, quite interesting.

We've got snakes, hammer beasts and broodlings, vultures, leets, blubbags and rollerrats among other things.

Cirte: Tell me about the hammer beasts.
Eco Red: Hammer beasts and broodlings are related.

They are huge, and I mean enormous, mammals with big, hammerlike heads.
They have sharp teeth, and are very strong.
They will be very aggressive, especially in mating season, which is just about be careful.

Cirte: Tell me about rollerrats.
Eco Red: Vile creatures, man...

And you won't hear me say that about many living things.
I don't really know much about them, other than they are a product of Rubi-Kan won't find them anywhere else.
Aggressive little buggers they are, and some of them can be quite dangerous.

Cirte: Tell me about the vultures.
Eco Red: They're like vultures anywhere.

They live off dead carcasses.
They are magnificent birds...gracious...but quite scary for the weak at heart.

Cirte: Tell me about blubbags
Eco Red: Now we're talking.

Blubbags are intersting creatures.
Initially, they were "constructed" by Omni-Tek scientists for mining purposes.
They eat their way through the rock you know...but they proved inneffective, at least not effective enough, and as often happens they were left to themselves.
Another example of Omni-Tek's lack of responsibility.

Cirte: Tell me about the snakes.
Eco Red: You never seen a snake before?

What's there to say about them...they bite...they're poisenous.

Cirte: Goodbye
Eco Red: Take care of yourself, Cirte!

--Cirte 20:14, 14 December 2005 (CET)