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Leader: Red, Solitus 150 Martial Artist

Location: Aegen, Rising Sun

Background: To ask where the Eco Warriors stand on the conflict would be the wrong question to ask. They have no stance on the conflict, as they think both the clans and Omni-Tek, and the neutrals for that matter, should leave Rubi-Ka all-together. The Eco Warriors are an extremist group headed by an eccentric leader known as 'Red', and they are most well-known for allegedly introducing the rhino-man population to the wilds of Rubi-Ka. To Red and the rest of the Warriors, Rubi-Ka is a sacred place, and that the occupation of the planet by Omni-Tek amounts to nothing short of sacrilege. Since the opening of the portals to the Shadow Lands, Red has only been emboldened in his struggle for the de-population of Rubi-Ka. His argument is that the Shadow Lands are only foreshadowing what Omni-Tek will bring to Rubi-Ka: which is the literal collapse of Rubi-Ka itself.

Feelings about the CoT: “The only chance any clanner has to change Rubi-Ka,‿ Red once said to the Council, “is to leave it.‿ The only reason the Eco Warriors are a part of the Council is because they see it as a great forum to express their belief that the only hope for Rubi-Ka is for everyone to move to another planet. The Eco Warriors also gain solace from the relationship that exists between the clans and the Redeemed, whom the Eco Warriors have grown to respect a great deal.

Attitude towards the other Clans: Gaia: The Eco Warriors are obviously tied closely with Gaia, the other radical environmentalist clan. While they do not see eye-to-eye on the eventual outcome of the conflict, they both obviously agree on the conservation of the planet, though Red feels it is naive to think that one can conserve the planet while living on it and mining for notum.

  • Vanguard: They disagree most with the Vanguard, as they think the Vanguard clan is just trying to reap the benefits of the planet for themselves and is willing to destroy the planet in the process.
  • Sentinels: The Eco Warriors respect the Sentinels power and realize that if they have any chance to realize the de-population of the planet, they will need the help of Mr. Silverstone.
  • Terra Firma: The Eco Warriors have no time for politics, so they think that Terra Firma is wasting their time.
  • Pilgrims: The Eco Warriors feel that helping citizens in Rubi-Ka will only encourage people to stay on the planet. The Eco Warriors put no stock in the Pilgrims' claim of a connection with the planet, as the Eco Warriors feel no one can connect with the planet and still think it is a good idea to populate and continue to mine it.
  • New Dawn: The Eco Warriors want nothing to do with a diplomatic solution to the conflict as they think that a diplomatic solution will only encourage both Omni-Tek and the clans to remain on the planet and continue to destroy it.
  • Knights: The Eco Warriors respect the honor and loyalty of the Knights, and see them as a reasonable clan.
  • Unionists: The Eco Warriors feel the Unionists are a major factor in the continuation of the mining and destruction of the planet of Rubi-Ka, so they have no desire to ally with them.

--Tussa 19:10, 12 Jun 2005 (CEST)