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Elysium overview Elysium is an Eden-like place; a lush and plentiful garden where ripe fruit curve the branches of trees, and lakes and golden beaches divide land. Deep valleys cut through high mountain ranges, and in their bosom, dark forests harbour the unknown. Despite its stunning beauty, Elysium is considerably more dangerous than Nascence, and its creatures are more intelligent and have different powers, providing fresh challenges for travellers.

Elysium is strewn with relics from the ancient ultra-technological civilisation; the original inhabitants of the Shadowlands. Piecing these relics together, and rebuilding the ancient technology, is one of the obstacles which is most important for players to overcome in order to solve the mysteries of both Elysium and Nascence.

Experience from the Notum Wars' land control battles will give organisations and everyone on their sides an advantage in the Shadowlands. Like in Nascence new gameplay elements demanding strategic warfare when it comes to controlling the notum veins will be crucial for players who wish to benefit fully from the notum in Elysium.

This gives an advantage to natural puzzle-solvers, well planned organisations, and determined players who are able to draw on their experience, and take advantage of it. There is of course plenty to do for casual players, but if they want to stay at the forefront of events instead of following in the wake of others, they will have to nurture their information-gathering skills, and prepare and plan well.

Only time will tell how this plays out exactly, but I believe that in the end information will be everyone's key to unlocking the magic of the Shadowlands, regardless of side, profession, and organisation status.

Elysium overview2

Runar Thor Thorarinsson
Story & Game Designer