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Breed choice[]

The choice of breed is one of the first decisions that needs to be made. A breed cannot be changed so choose carefully. An engineer needs high nano skills in MM, MC and TS mainly to be able to get more powerful robots. Therefore you should not play an Atrox, since their Intelligence and nano skills are poor. Intelligence is important because it is a 80% base ability of many nano skills. A Nanomage works well for an engineer; they have better nano skills and intelligence. An Opifex or Solitus will also work, their intelligence and nano skills are average.



ModSkill nameComments
2.4Body DevelopmentEveryone needs this to a certain extent for HP, raise this if you find yourself dying a lot.
1.8Nano PoolMany of our nanoprograms cost rediculous amounts of nano. Raise this enough to be able to cast two of your most expensive nanos.


ModSkill nameComments
2.8Martial ArtsDon't be fooled by Slayerdroid Transference(+300 MA buff) Engineers are Terrible martial artists. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS. Unless you wanna be a pvm god with BoB's
2.4BrawlingUseless for the engineer.
4.0DimachUseless for the engineer.
3.2RiposteUseless for the engineer.
2.0AdventuringYou'll need this late game for Penumbra Glasses, raise this as you need it. Originally this affected fall damage, but that has been disabled.
2.0SwimmingUseless to just about everyone. Stay away from this at all costs. If you are a Roleplayer, you still have to ignore this skill.


ModSkill nameComments
2.41h BluntUseless for the engineer.
3.21h EdgedUseless for the engineer.
3.2PiercingUseless for the engineer.
3.22h BluntUseless for the engineer.
3.22h EdgedUseless for the engineer.
4.0Melee EnergyUseless for the engineer.
4.0ParryUseless for the engineer.
4.0Sneak AttackUseless for the engineer.
4.0Multiple MeleeUseless for the engineer.
4.0Fast AttackUseless for the engineer.

Misc Weapons[]

ModSkill nameComments
3.2Sharp ObjUseless for the engineer.
2.0GrenadeOne of the engineer's specialties, late game there are a few extremely good options for grenade, lower levels not so much. The exception to this rule is the Red Line Grenade Launcher, a rare and powerful weapon which can be used by engineers as low as levels 10-15.
2.0Heavy WeaponsUseless for the engineer unless you want to use an OT 12.


ModSkill nameComments
4.0BowUseless for the engineer.
1.5PistolOne of the engineers main weapon skills. If you decide to go pistol, remember that you must raise Ranged init, multi ranged, and probably flingshot as well... All blue skills
3.0Assault RifleUseless for the engineer.
3.2Machine Gun/Submachine GunUseless for the engineer.
3.2ShotgunEarly in AO's history, engineers experimented with using shotguns. Needless to say, it didn't work out. Leave this alone.
4.0RifleUseless for the engineer.
3.0Ranged EnergyUseless for the engineer.
3.2FlingshotUsed on many pistols, including the Flux Pistol. raise it if you need it.
4.0Aimed ShotUseless for the engineer.
3.0BurstSome good pistols, such as the Customized Desert Reet or the SOL Mini-Monster series, use this skill. Raise as needed.
3.0Full AutoUseless for the engineer.
3.5Bow Special AttackUseless for the engineer.
4.0Multiple RangedUnfortunately, this is necessary for pistol users. Raise it as you need it, you get no bonus for having extra skill in this.


ModSkill nameComments
3.2Melee InitiativeUseless for the engineer.
3.2Ranged InitiativeRaise this if you have a weapon. Remember that the fastest a weapon can attack is 1.0s/1.0s, so take that into account when raising it.
3.0Physical InitiativeUseless for the engineer.
1.6Nano InitiativeSince most of the engineer's nanos are cast outside of battle, raise this to around 600 for convenience. More than that won't net you much benefit.
2.5Dodge RangedIf you don't want to max this, at least raise it a bit so you don't get critted every time you are hit
4.0Evade Close CombatIf you don't want to max this, at least raise it a bit so you don't get critted every time you are hit
2.2Duck ExplosionsIf you don't want to max this, at least raise it a bit so you don't get critted every time you are hit
1.5Nano ResistDoubtful as to how much this helps an engineer... raise this only if you are intending to PVP a lot.
2.0Run SpeedIf you don't have Shadowlands, raise it at your convenience. If you have Shadowlands, max it.

Trade and Repair[]

ModSkill nameComments
1.0Mechanical EngineeringA commonly required tradeskill, easy to buff, raise it as you need more of it.
1.0Electrical EngineeringA fairly commonly required tradeskill, easy to buff, but only raise it when you need it.
1.0Quantum FTA tradeskill that is required occasionally, especially in the creation of nano crystals and Shadowland pocket bosses. Raise as needed.
1.0Weapon SmithingA commonly required tradeskill, easy to buff, raise this as you need it.
1.5Pharmaceutical TechnologyUsed to make monster parts into blood plasma, a lucrative tool for engineers of any level. Hard to buff, but worth raising as you need it.
1.2Nano ProgrammingVery useful for making implants, max this out at lower levels, as you will need to make your own implants. Once you can make QL 200 implants, raise it as you need it.
1.3Computer LiteracyMax this out, needed for so many things...
2.4PsychologyA commonly required tradeskill, unfortunately it's one we are very bad at. Only raise this at the highest levels (215+)
1.2ChemistryUsed in a lot of tradeskills, hard to get high due to lack of buffs. Raise as needed.
1.0TutoringRaise this to 1000 if you are a tradeskiller, basically this skill is solely for the use of Tutoring Devices. Early in AO's history, the devices were intended to be used on others, this has never been implemented.

Nano and Aiding[]

ModSkill nameComments
1.0Matter MetamorphosisNeeded for AC buffs, always max this.
2.4Biological MetamorphosisNeeded for the pet heals, but 761 is the most you'll ever need
2.4Psychological ModificationNeeded to cast Extreme Prejudice(+120 pistol/grenade) only raise it to 648, nothing needs it beyond that.
1.0Matter CreationNeeded for bots, always max this out.
1.0Time and SpaceNeeded for Bots! Max it!
2.4Sensory ImprovementNeeded to cast Extreme Prejudice(+120 pistol/grenade) only raise it to 648, nothing needs it beyond that.
2.0First AidProbably shouldn't raise this at all unless you do a lot of PVP
1.6TreatmentMax this out, needed for heal kits and implants.


ModSkill nameComments
3.2ConcealmentProbably want to leave this alone unless you plan on sneaking up on things
1.6Breaking and EnteringUsed for certain tradeskills and for opening chests. Chests can be ignored, and the tradeskills that require it are few and far between, leave this alone until higher levels.
1.6Trap DisarmamentWhile used in a few tradeskill processes, like the Coffee Machine, this one is best left to fixers, leave it alone.
2.4PerceptionUsed mainly for equiping targeting scopes, so it is more useful at latter levels when engineers get better weapons.


ModSkill nameComments
1.6Vehicle Air/Ground/WaterDon't bother with any vehicle skills except for vehicle air. And you needn't raise that too high either.
1.6Map NavigationEither raise this only to 125 (needed to get all map upgrades except "side"), or do not raise this *at all*. By level 50ish, you can make (or have made) and then use QL90-110ish implants for this skill. Get the implants, install all of the map upgrades, and take the implants back out; the map upgrades still work fine, you only need the skill to install them.


Skill data from Anarchy Lore