The best way to get higher level robots is using buffs from other professions. The most important buffs to the engineer are from the Meta-Physicist. Meta-Physicists can cast the nanoprogram Mocham's Gifts on an engineer. This nanoprogram can boost a specific nano skill by 140. Meta-Physicists with the Shadowlands expansion can cast composite nanoskill buffing programs. Those boost all of your nanoskills. Composite Infuses for instance boosts all nanoskills by 90. Traders are also an engineer’s good friend. A trader's wrangle also helps an engineer create a higher level robot. The general store general nano programs terminals has several useful nano programs an engineer can cast on themself. Mat Creation, mat metamorphosis, Time and Space and Pistol skills all have buffs any profession can use. Intelligence boost and Psychic boost are also very useful. Engineers also have a very good pistol & grenade buff. Extreme prejudice adds 120 to both skills. There is a Shadowlands only tradeskills buff, without access to the Shadowlands an engineer can find a trader who also has a tradeskill buff.

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