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Desert Anchorite in Milky Way

The eremite is a giant burrowing predator, known primarily for its stealth and ferocity. Among the largest of animals on the planet, typical attacks begin suddenly, with the creature bursting from the ground. In many circumstances, the attack comes with little warning, only occasionally featuring a minor tremor to serve as warning. Eremites move and attack extremely quickly, and will generally submerge themselves below ground again once attacking their prey is no longer possible. They will also, once submerged, give chase, rising from the ground again when they come within range of their prey. Avoid confrontation except at the very highest levels, and, if you are exploring in an area known to be inhabited with these beasts, proceed with extreme caution.

Individual Species

Desert Eremite
Forest Eremite
Desert Cenobite
Forest Cenobite
Desert Anchorite
Forest Anchorite


Perpetual Wastelands
The Artery Valley
The Fouls Plains
Milky Way


Level Range: 130 - 160
Behavior: Aggressive
Frequency: Rare
Size: Very Large

  Attack Information

Speed: 3.2s/3.2s each
Type: Melee damage (x2)
Range: 2m