Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Title: Head of Omni-Reform
Occupation: Omni-Reform Director
Alliance: Omni-Tek
Age: Unknown

As beautiful as she is insightful, Eva Pourais is the leader of Omni-Tek's Reform department. Tall and striking, her blonde hair and blue eyes mask the fierce intellect that lies behind her charming appearance.

Ms. Pourias is known as a soft-spoken, friendly individual, who has the uncanny knack to read people as though they were an open book--Very few secrets can hide from her talents in psychoanalysis. Though kind (and rather flirtatious), she seems to have an egotistical side that would threaten to land her in trouble.

As the head of Omni-Reform, Ms. Pourais spends her time 're-educating' the disaffected population of Rubi-Ka, spreading friendly corporate propaganda and messages to those who would think ill of Omni-Tek.

And yes, boys--Supposedly she's single.