Outdoor adventuringEdit

Outdoor adventuring is a skill that deals with endurance and awareness of the environment, but ironically, for such valued traits the skill is seldom used. It is generally used to wear backpacks, some back items, and for higher level Adventurer Map nanos.

Adventuring clusters
101584.gif Adventuring Cluster - Shiny (Leg)(Auno)
101582.gif Adventuring Cluster - Bright (Waist)(Auno)
101580.gif Adventuring Cluster - Faded (Chest)(Auno)

Adventuring buff nanosEdit

Adventuring Expertise
26389.gif Adventuring Expertise(Auno) +20 (general, 4 NCU)
26390.gif Adventuring Proficiency(Auno) +10 (general, 2 NCU)

Maximum buff: 20 (Adventuring Expertise, 4 NCU)

Adventuring buff itemsEdit

Common buffing armor
158753.gif Worn ICC Secretary Cloak(Auno) +3 at ql 50
158754.gif Worn ICC Secretary Cloak(Auno) +12 at ql 100
Common buffing items
206712.gif Cracked and Untuned Mitaar(Auno) +5 at ql 24
206723.gif Professional Mitaar of Snelton(Auno) +50 at ql 300
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