Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

The Easy List: This list contains the fr00b-equippable SMGs that are easiest and cheapest to acquire.*Solar Powered Submachine Gun (1.5/1), Projectile - The starting weapon, not much to say about it. Can't be dual-wielded, requires no skill to use.

  • Stabilized Silent Spitter (1.5/1), Projectile - Starting weap, upgraded version. Boosts HP by 20 points, this weapon can be dual wielded.
  • OT Kerans Automatic Grinner QL1/QL200 (1.5/1.45), Poison - One of the easiest guns to acquire, can be both purchased at OT weapon vendors and clicksaved. Boosts sense. Can't be dual-wielded.
  • Mausser Particle Streamer (The MPS) QL1/QL200 (1/3), Projectile - Probably the single easiest weapon to get, as it can be rolled using Clicksaver, bought from weapon vendors and built from scratch using an SMG construction kit. No mods, can't be dual wielded.
  • Mausser Chemical Streamer (The MCS) QL1/QL200 (3/1), Chemical - This weapon is made by upgrading an MPS (Guide) and as such, is also rather easy to get a hold of. No mods, can't be dual wielded.
  • Russian Good Day (The RGD) QL1/QL200 (2/1), Projectile - Little hard to get a hold of, this weapon can be bought at the trader shop or rolled with Clicksaver. QL50 and below have no mods, while QL51 and up boost DodgeRng. Can be dual wielded.

The Medium List: Expect to spend some cred or time camping if you want to obtain the weapons on this list.*Gamma Ejector (The GE) (1/3), Radiation - This toy can be a little hard to get, dropping from Bodyguard mobs in the Biomare (Foreman's) dungeon. No mods, can be dual-wielded although the requirements to do so are very high. The important thing to note is that this gun has no MBS, and as such maintains usefullness for a longer period of time.

  • SOL Chironis Systems QL1/QL200 (1.5/1.5), Energy - The only way to get this weapon is to find it in Sealed Receptacle form and complete it by adding an Energy Pack Interface. Boosts RunSpeed, cannot be dual-wielded.
  • Manex Catastrophe QL1/QL200 (3.5/3.5), Projectile - A Dyna-Only weapon, the droprate is very low and there aren't many of those in circulation... Mostly added for sentimental value - This used to be "The Gun" for fixers. At QL41 and up it boosts burst, can't be dual-wielded.

The Hard List: Expensive and rare, the guns on this list are anything but cheap or easy to get.*Light Miasma Beamer - QL40/QL50 (1.15/1.65), Poison - The fixer counterpart to the trader's pump, about as rare but unfortunatly nowhere near as usefull. More a novelty piece than a real weapon, the QL40-49 versions only add a little RunSpeed while the QL50 version adds RunSpeed, B&E and DodgeRng. Can be dual-wielded.

  • Superjolt - QL140/QL150 (2.5/2.5), Energy - Another dyna-only weapon, QL140-149 buff a little DodgeRng and CL while the QL150 version buffs DodgeRng, CL and HP. Can be dual-wielded.
  • Turn Spirit SMGs - While requiring SL items to assemble, the final gun can be equipped by a fr00b - If you want to know more, check out this handy guide - Clicky
  • BlackBirds - Link This weapon comes in 5 QLs, with the general rule that the lower the QL the more you'll pay for it - As things stand right now, a pair of Blinded Blackbirds is the absolute best a fr00b fixer can equip for PvM purposes.

Expansion Weapons: The variety is smaller here and every fixer goes through roughly the same phases:*Perennium Beamers - QL50/QL200/Rebuilt (1/1), Energy - A Guide To Making Perennium Guns. Peren guns boost XP by 1% every 50 QLs, starting at +1 at QL50 up to +4 at QL200. The "Rebuilt" version is a recent addition, requiring a weapon that drops from The Beast and resulting in a "Rebuilt" weapon that has an MBS of 2500 (Compared to the 1500 of the "Normal" SPBeamer). Can't be dual-wielded.

  • Syndicate Messenger Gun - QL240/QL260 (1/1), Chemical - This gun is a rare drop from Inferno bossmobs - Boosts RS, can't be dual wielded. Note that the only difference between QLs is the MBS.
  • Kyr'Ozch Submachine Gun (1.2/1.2), Energy - Random drop from alien mobs, can be upgraded with either a Type 4 BioMaterial (Burst), a Type 5 BioMatrial (Fling Shot + Burst) or a Type 12 BioMaterial (Burst + Full Auto). Comes in all QLs from 1 to 300, but isn't really worth the effort until QL240+. No mods, Glory Proc, Can't be dual-wielded.
  • Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistol (1.2/1.2), Energy - The endgame weapon for fixers, this is a single-handed SMG that can fit either a Type 4 (Burst) or a Type 5 (Burst + Fling) BioMaterial. Comes in all QLs from 1 to 300, massive jump in Multi-Ranged reqs past QL199. No mods, Glory Proc, Can be dual-wielded.

The Oddballs: The weaps on this list aren't your typical fixer fare, but some do have their uses.*MTI Aleph - While mostly useless as a weapon, the QL200 version adds +27 Stamina with lower QLs giving a smaller bonus. Can be built from an SMG Construction Kit, it's a lovely twink toy when you need that extra STA.

  • OneHander - It's a shotgun. While utterly useless in PvM, this is the PvP standard for both fr00bs and expansion fixers - Wielded off-hand with your Blinded Blackbird or KMP, it provides Aimed Shot.
  • Fantaghiro BBI-Viral Gold Star - Another oddball weapon, this SMG has FullAuto potential and is easier to equip than a similar Type 12. There was a long discussion about this weapon in the fixer subforum of the official AO boards, but it's buried so deep I can't find it. If you feel like experimenting, this weapon is made by adding a Viral Weapon Upgrade to a regular BBI AS-90 Gold Star.
  • Sleekmaster Classic - QL1/QL200 (1.8/1.8), Energy - This weapon is fairly easy to get, being both rollable and available from weapon vendors - It's main downside, however, is it's dual requirement of SMG/Ranged Energy, which requires you to keep a dark-blue skill at a decent level to maintain a reasonable attack rating. Mostly useful for lower levels, this is not a gun worth cosidering past TL3. Buffs perception, can be dual-wielded.
  • Illicit Laser Backup - QL1/QL21/QL180/QL200 (3/1.35), Energy - A rollable weapon similar to the Sleekmaster in it's split req, SMG/Pistol this time. While pistol is a light-blue skill for fixers, there is still no real justification to using this weapon - Especially considering it's 8 round clip. The buffs vary between QLs, from Agility/Intel/Nano to HP/Strength/Sense to Stamina/DuckExp/EvadeClsC. Can be dual-wielded.