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Leader: Sister Elsabeth, Solitus 150 Meta-Physicist

Location: unknown

Background: Gaia gave up on the conflict with Omni-Tek a long time ago, and figured it'd be best if they could terra-form another part of the planet and live peacefully without any possible interference from Omni-Tek. The only problem with this is that Gaia is no where near large enough to gather the resources that would be required, and this is where the Council comes in. While Gaia feels that the Council is unnecessary on this part of Rubi-Ka, Elsabet understands that she needs to convince others that the development of this Garden is necessary. As well, while she is against war, she feels Omni-Tek owes the clans money and resources. Gaia feels that between the resources they could gain from Omni-Tek and that of the other clans, the Garden would be more than feasible. Also, until they get their Garden of Eden, Gaia tries hard to emphasize the importance of respecting the environment of Rubi-Ka, both to Omni-Tek and to the other clans.

Feelings about the CoT: To Gaia, the Council is a resource they are tapping to gain support for the formation of a Garden of Eden on the other side of Rubi-Ka. Other than that, Gaia sees the Council as a bunch of naïve clans who think they can change the world, but will ultimately fail to change anything.

Attitude towards the other Clans:

  • Eco Warriors: While Gaia respects the Eco Warriors for their desire to conserve the planet, Gaia feels that the Warriors are a bit too radical and that their plan to leave the planet is misguided.
  • The Pilgrims: Gaia most respects the Pilgrims, both for their desire to help others, but more importantly for their self-proclaimed connection with the planet itself.
  • New Dawn: While Gaia desires to reach peace with Omni-Tek and avoid conflict at the same time like New Dawn, Gaia feels that Omni-Tek will never agree to a complete allegiance with the clans.
  • The Sentinels: Gaia secretly respects the Sentinels, and would like it if the Sentinels got onboard with Gaia's Garden of Eden project, as Gaia feels the Sentinels would provide indispensable protection.
  • The Unionists: Gaia is strongly against the efforts of the Unionists, both in their desire to fight against the corporation in open combat, and in the conflict between the two clans' ideas of conservation as The Unionists are mostly miners and workers who are not immediately concerned with the environment.
  • Terra Firma: Gaia dislikes Terra Firma because it feels they have no desire for anything but political power, which is not at all a concern of Gaia's.
  • Knights: Gaia feels that the ideals of the Knights ignore the importance of the environment. Also, Gaia dislikes the Knights' indecision in regards to the conflict.
  • Vanguard: As it distrusts Terra Firma, Gaia distrusts Vanguard due to its lust for power, though unlike Terra Firma, Vanguard lusts after money.

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