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Supplymaster Eel

Our old friends from the tower weapon quests, Supply Masters Eel and Smug, are up to more than just holding on to any supplies they get their hands on. Being in charge of supplies for a whole research facility would be a difficult job in the best of times, but it must be a nightmare during war with the constant threat of raids by the opposing faction. These fellers don't seem fazed by the challenge though, and in fact are working to further some goals of their own on the side. It does sound like a situation from which someone with the time and means could get some profit out of. Walk bravely up to the Supply Master and wait until he finishes whatever he's busy with, and he certainly is busy. After a brief chat it should become evident that he could use a little help with some errands.

He might ask you to bring him a book from the other Supply Master, which you should readily agree to do - hey, anything to take a load off those overworked shoulders. It's not like a busy feller like that will remember you anyway. What you're looking for however is for him to ask you to find a box of cigars and some fine cognac all wrapped up in a nice gift package.

Quest: Find a box cigars and a case or two with fine cognac then bring it to Supply Master Eel. Reward Item: Multi-Purpose Tuner.

So, where does one find cigars, cognac and pretty wrapping on Rubi-Ka? In any mission, that's where!


Item: Gift-wrapped basket

Having secured the basket, return to the Supply Master and present your trophy. He'll hush you about it and send you packing with a brand new state of the art with lots of blinking colored lights (oh look, one of them is red!) Multi-Purpose Tuner.

Multi-Purpose Tuner This tool is truly indispensable. By a UIF (User Impulse Feedback system) it is able to analyze and tune both electrical, electro-chemical, mechanical, pseudo-mechanical, nano-electrical, nano-chemical and volatile nanobot processes. The uses of this tuner are too many to list.

What does it do, I hear people ask. Well, apart from giving your coffee that extra punch, a Multi-Purpose Tuner is a vital tool in tower construction. And if you aren't a happy Notum Wars owner, it makes a most attractive paper weight.


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