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The grid is the 'highway' of Rubi-Ka. you can bypass the annoyance of Whom-pahs and get to you target city within seconds. the downside is that you need some skill in computer literacy.

Grid bottom

Bottom level

Grid middle

Middle level

Grid top

Upper level

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Thanks to Andrea for the superb Grid Maps -

Requirements (work in progress)[]

To enter the Grid you will need a certain minimum amount of knowledge in Computer Literacy. The exact amount depends on the location.

Zone Skill Requirement Faction Floor Name Comments
4 Holes 180 Omni 2 4 Holes Argentum
Avalon 450 Clan 3 Camelot
Borealis 90 Neutral 1
Broken Shores 250 Neutral 2 City of Home
Clondyke 150 Omni 2 Omni Mine HQ
Galway County 100 Omni 2 Galway
Lush Fields 120 Omni 2 Lush Hills Resort
Lush Fields 120 Neutral 2 Harry's
Mort 460 Clan 3 Sentinels
Newland 90 Neutral 1 NLC emergency exit for neutrals
Newland Desert 90 Neutral 2 Meetmedere
Old Athen 81 Clan 1
Omni-1 Entertainment 75 Omni 1 Omni-1 Ent. East Grid, no exit
Omni-1 Entertainment 75 Omni 1 Omni-1 Ent. South Grid
Omni-1 HQ 150 Omni 3
Omni-1 Trade 75 Omni 2
Rome Red 90 Omni 2 Rome
Stret East Bank 81 Omni 2 2HO
Tir 81 Clan 1 Tir
Tir County 81 Clan 1 Tir no exit
West Athen 131 Clan 2 Athen