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Harry's Trading Post

Harry's is a trading post that is run by Harold Raine Jr. in Lush Fields. The alignment of the city is in question and could be considered Neutral or Omni-Tek, but Harry claims to trade with anybody.


The trading industry was introduced to Harry at a young age by his father, Harold Raine Sr., during the days before the First Rubi-Ka Civil War when he set up his trading post outside the confines of Omni-2, now Athen. Harry's father was a prolific trader that had dealings with everybody, including the Clans and Omni-Tek employees. When the first Rubi-Ka Civil War hit, Harold Raine Sr.'s operation was sacked and torched, while the owner himself was killed.

Harry retreated to Omni-Tek lands after that and started cultivating his trading post in the shadows of Omni-1. In the tradition of his father, Harry is willing to trade with anybody, even the Clans but he disapproves of their methods and uses Omni-Tek forces for security.

Present Day[]

With the current political climate and the war going on, Harry's is fairly quiet thanks to its position near Omni-1. With all the military installations in Lush Fields, the threat of Alien incursion is fairly low for Harry and his trading post. Harry would seem to have other problems though then aliens or the faction clash on Rubi-Ka though. The nearby mutant containment zone to the south of the trading post and its leader, who is said to go by the name of Solomonne, is rumored to have its eyes on the unassuming little village. With most of the forces of both the Clans and Omni-Tek engaged in fighting each other, or the Kyr'ozch, the threat of the mutants may go undetected till it is too late.

Is Harry's Neutral?[]


The ferry at the dock

This is a question of some debate among Neutrals because of many of the contradictory elements of the trading post. Firstly, Harry himself is aligned to Omni-Tek which would instantly seem suspect. Upon talking to Harry it would seem that he is protected by the company but not directly administered by it. Second, Harry claims to have OT guards but instead we see very few ICC Peacekeepers around the area as well as Neutral 'gangs'. Third, Harry's has Neutral style shops with neutral prices, not OT prices. Fourth, though much of the construction is plainly new, there are many Omni-Tek style buildings among the newer desert style.

The question of Harry's neutrality is a moral quandry that is addressed by many Neutral residents of Rubi-Ka: is it possible to get involved with the sides on some level and still retain your autonomy and neutrality?


  • Basic Shop services can be found in a shop located at (2830,2840) near the Bronto pen.
  • There is a curiosities and Vehicles shop in Harry's that can be found in a small building along the main path at (3040,3030) that is marked with a sign that says 'Supplies'. This, by the way is a very good place to get your Yamala since it's so isolated. Enter the shop, check the QL, exit, wait until you go AFK, and reenter. Check the QL again. Repeat until you get that Vehicle Air requirement of 81 you've been dreaming about.
  • Grid services can be found at the Omni-Tek dock to the east at (3110,3185)
  • The company runs a ferry to 20k at (3200,3175)

Sights to See[]

  • Harry keeps a small Bronto pen with a lot of minibrontos in it. It is rumored that Harry has a deal worked out with Bronto Burger to breed the next generation of high yield brontos.



The man himself

  • The main personality of Harry's Trading Post is Harry himself who can be found at (2830,2930) in the trading post near the Bronto pen.
  • There is a small robot with unusual intellegence that is running amok around Harry's around (2970,3050) is identified by the tag of Metalomania. The robot is known to wander quite far though, so if you are investigating it, you may have to as well.


  • Need more information on Harry's
  • HELP! I can't find the advanced shop!

--Berael 05:03, 5 February 2007 (CET)

"How the fuck do you get there? Y'all have to remember the basic stuff. Not all of us have been playing this game for 10 years."

To get there, take the Whoompa to Omni Trade. Then exit out the west gate of the town. There you'll see a "ferry access terminal." Click it, and you're instantly transported to Harry's. (ie, you don't actually get on a ferry.)