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Home Away From Home is an Organisation on the Rimor dimension. They recruit all types of people, as long as they have fun.

This is taken from their official website. This is how they describe themselves:

"Home Away From Home is a wonderful, caring, kind hearted Org where new players can learn and make their mark and veteran players can see the game from a different perspective and make some new friends. Here at HAFH we support all our members to help them succeed and have fun. We work together as a team supporting each other. Plus we offer flexible and useful contracts that can be negotiated.

Our feelings on Omni-Tek:

Our feelings on the Neutrals:

Our feelings about the Omni/Clan War:

What we are looking for in potential recruits: If you are a helpful, kind, fun - loving player who is looking for an org to get started in. a change from what you have already experienced or are simply looking for a bunch of people to get along with and have fun then you are the sort of person that we are looking for."


Home Away From Home was created on Aug 10th 2009. Amaliamay decided that she wished to start an org since all the orgs she'd been in hadn't catered for what she


Home Away From Home Logo

wanted. With the help of Cryptwarps, Indianajunes, Infexion, Bukekea & sofakingfast, Home Away Fom Home was officially created on the Anarchy Online servers.

Org Rules[]

  1. You Must Have Fun
  2. No Ninja looting or anything of the sort
    • Ninja looting involves taking NODROP items that aren't yours or taking all the loot without killing the fiend
  3. You must not beg, annoy, pester or cause grief to any player.
  4. Always Ask questions, even if they may seem silly or if you have a hundred million of them.
    • Remember you can use /tell <players name> if you are worried about it being silly.
  5. Before declaring war on any org or tower you must first check with another person of a higher rank.
    • Remember the org who you target or their towers you target will fight back. We don't want retribution handed taken out on us and to lose a tower in the process.
  6. In raids, the loot is shared evenly between all raid members. Negotiations however can be made between two members as to who gets what if all parties involved agree.
  7. If in doubt ask or if there is no time to ask, grab it and ask after (this doesn't apply to NODROP items) but be aware that if it is deemed that the item(s) do not belong to you and you are asked to give it to someone, you will be expected to do so.
    • If you have to be asked twice then you will be kicked. We have a one warning system at HAFH
  8. All Our members have voting rights.

Org Ranks[]

Home Away From Home uses a department governing form to determine its ranks. It's easy to ascend through the ranks. If your an active member then by a matter of time you'll progress through the ranks.


Squad Commander
Unit Commander
Unit Leader
Unit Member

Org Bot[]

Home Away From Home uses Bebot as their Org bot.

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