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A talk with Horatio Campbell[]

Horatio Campbell: What can I do for you?

Rageraiden: Tell me about yourself.

Horatio Campbell: I'm Horatio Campbell. What more do you want to know?

Rageraiden: How are you?

Horatio Campbell: What kind of question is that? Do you really care? Ever been dragged through the dirt and lost everything dear to you? Horatio Campbell looks at you intently. Horatio Campbell: Didn't think so.

Rageraiden: What did you lose?

Horatio Campbell: What do you care? Wife, kids, decent colleagues, solid promotion. You name it, I lost it.

Rageraiden: Why did your wife leave?

Horatio Campbell: Why does anyone do anything? Guess she wasn't happy. That's usually the case. Complaining that I wasn't the man she married and all that. Having Omni-Pol investigating me for some bogus murder didn't help either. Blah, blah, blah, and so I ended up here, talking to deadbeats like you for a living. ...wanna buy some hot info?

Rageraiden: Murder?

Horatio Campbell: Yeah, well I don't know who hated me enough to trump that one up, but if I ever find the guy who pinned that one on me... Horatio Campbell trails off, looking bitter.

Rageraiden: Where did your wife and kids go?

Horatio Campbell: I have no idea. I think that was their plan.

Rageraiden: Tell me about your kids.

Horatio Campbell: Yeah? What about them? They're gone. I'll probably never see them again. Where do you get your information? I'm not prying into your personal life, am I? The nerve of you people!

Rageraiden: Tell me about your wife.

Horatio Campbell: You're really sticking your nose where it doesn't belong now, you know. Fine! She left me. Took the kids and went off-world. Apparently she didn't even want to be on the same planet as me. Fine by me.

Rageraiden: What are you doing here?

Horatio Campbell: I'm a Bureaucrat for Omni-Tek. Sort of.

Rageraiden: What do you mean by "sort of"?

Horatio Campbell: It's my chosen profession. Not my most clever move ever, I'll admit, but I'll get by. It's not like I could be good at anything else. If something does show up, I'll be glad to quit the paper-pushing any day.

Rageraiden: So you work for Omni-Admin?

Horatio Campbell: I'm trying not to think about it.

Rageraiden: I need something.

Horatio Campbell: Spill. I got info to sell.

Rageraiden: I need employment.

Horatio Campbell: Like I'm going to pay you for anything. You're probably incompetent anyways. But if you really want something to do, go see Alvin Odeleder over in Lush Fields. He's in one of the outposts just to the west of Harry's.

Rageraiden: Who's Alvin Odeleder?

Horatio Campbell: I haven't looked at his file, so there's not much to tell really. He's out there, doing the dirty work. Poor sucker.

Rageraiden: Where's Lush Fields?

Horatio Campbell: Yeah. Take the ferry from the west entrance to Trade, and you'll get there.

Rageraiden: Where's Harry's?

Horatio Campbell: It's in Lush Fields. Look it up.

Rageraiden: I need something.

Horatio Campbell: Spill. I got info to sell.

Rageraiden: You got info to sell?

Horatio Campbell: Yeah, I got some information about the happenings at Omni-HQ. Horatio Campbell glances around briefly. Horatio Campbell: Strictly off the record stuff. It's going to cost you, though. I got juice for fifty, one hundred and two hundred credits. Slip me the cash and I'll give you the intel.

Rageraiden: I want to buy fifty credits worth of info.

Horatio Campbell: Ok, sure. Horatio Campbell: All right, listen. I don't know how relevant this is to you, but it seems people with a lot of experience in the OT corporation are slowly being squeezed out by younger upstarts trying to impress their superiors. It seems that the only thing that is being appreciated up in the higher offices right now is the lengths to which you will go to get ahead. It's not exactly a pretty picture. Sometimes I think it's a deliberate move to get all the most ruthless people into high ranking positions. Don't think Ross had any idea this is happening though. He seemed kinda soft to me. Zora, however, seems like a tough nut.

Rageraiden: I want to buy a hundred credits worth of info.

Horatio Campbell: Ok then. Pay up. Horatio Campbell: I don't suppose you have noticed, they try and keep most of the dirty tactics hidden, but the communication between Omni-Pol and Omni-AF is riddled with problems. Half the time the departments are fighting over the same turf, and it's not exactly a pretty picture when two giants like this collide. Backstabbing, disinformation, false rumors... Horatio Campbell smiles. Horatio Campbell: Oh don't look at me. I'm not in any of those departments, nor am I taking sides. I know the core of this corporation is rotten, and I'm telling the people about it.

Rageraiden: Tell me about Omni-AF.

Horatio Campbell: I really don't care for these guys. They are looking for the power to start something major, and I think we're in trouble if they do. I'll have nothing to do with them.

Rageraiden: I want to buy two hundred credits worth of info.

Horatio Campbell: All right. Hand over the money. Horatio Campbell: There used to be a real power struggle brewing in Omni-HQ these days. Top management were at each other's throats over petty issues, and former CEO Ross' position was being undermined by the people who were close to him. Especially a certain bitch by the name of Pourais along with a few other department heads. Ross was being pushed into a corner by the whole Radiman-slash-Council of Truth thing. Seems he went out on a limb to get a deal going, but that all failed when he was shot. It's all in tatters on the top floor, I'm telling you.Ross had to explain himself to the board, and it is my opinion that he lost power every day. Ross was an idealist, not a politician or military tactician; that was his problem.Personally I liked the guy, but he's gone now and Tarkhan Zora is in power. We'll have to see how that all goes.

Rageraiden: Could I ask you some questions?

Horatio Campbell: I guess.

Rageraiden: How do you feel about the clans?

Horatio Campbell: Oh gee, the people who don't like Omni-Tek have banded together and are demanding to become independent. I have no problem with that, as long as it doesn't interfere with my life. Unfortunately, they have to assume that every Omni employee is their enemy, which is too bad, and it really doesn't make my day all that good. I say give them a terraformer and send them off to the other side of the planet. Have them set up their "utopian" society there. This constant bickering over territory and money is getting old, and it really interrupts the flow of my day when they decide to blow up buildings here and there.

Rageraiden: How do you feel about the neutrals?

Horatio Campbell: I don't get out much. They're probably just like the rest of us. Ignorant and indifferent.

Rageraiden: How do you feel about Omni-Tek?

Horatio Campbell: Oh, right. You want me to tell you how much I love this corporation and how I love being part of a system designed to promote the worst behaviour of mankind as well as encourage sheep mentality? Not likely. I'm here 'cause it's cushy. I'm relatively safe. I have a decent home, enough food and more entertainment than I know what to do with. All the rest is politics, and I don't much care about that.