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Nano Init[]

How nano init behaves have changes so many times, so lets hope the current system is here to stay.

  • The Nano Attack Speed can be reduce to 0 ("instant casting") if you have enough NanoCInit and/or set your agg-def bar appropriately.
  • The Nano Recharge Speed is unaffected by inits or your agg-def slider position.

How Nano init affects casting speed

  • For every 200 nano init you reduce the cast time by 1 second (Up to 1200 nano init)
  • After 1200 you need 600 nano init to reduce the cast time by 1 second.

How the aggdef bar affect nano init

  • 0% = +1.25s
  • 25% = +0.75s
  • 50% = +0.25s
  • 62.5 = 0s
  • 75% = -0.25s
  • 100% = -0.75s


Failing Impregnability : 6.79s
Full def adds 1.25s
NI up to 1200 reduce 1s/200 NI
NI > 1200 reduce 1s/600 NI
Failing Impregnability at full def : 8.04s
1200 NI = 6s
Remaining time = 2.04s
2.04 * 600 = 1224 NI
1200 + 1224 = 2424 NI to instacast at full def.

--Baffle 03:01, 8 Jun 2005 (CEST)

Melee Init[]

Ranged Init, Melee Init and Physical Init all work the same way. Player experimentation has shown that for every 600 skill in the init, attack speed is reduced by 1 second and recharge speed by 2 seconds. People refer to the overall speed of a weapon by separating attack time and recharge time with a "/". The fastest a weapon can act (its "capped" speed) is 1/1.

The advertised speed of a weapon occurs with the aggdef slider at 7/8ths (87.5%) aggressive. For every 1/8th (12.5%) move of the slider, there is an effect of .25 seconds on both attack and recharge. Thus full aggressive speeds the weapon by .25/.25 and full defensive slows it by 1.75/1.75.

Incidentally, the base speed of fists when using the Martial Arts skill is 1.25/1.25. Ironically, however, as someone practicing Martial Arts in AO gets better, their fists slow down. The slowing is to the tune of 0.1s at 500 Martial Arts skill and 0.2s at 1000. That makes fists at 1000 MA a 1.45/1.45 weapon.

Ranged Init[]


Physical Init[]