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This area has been substantially changed due to 18.7.0 and Arete Landing.

The Interstellar Corperate Council Headquarters for operations on Rubi-Ka is located in Andromeda, and is Neutraly aligned.


Present Day[]

Currently, the ICC operations on the planent are very low key beyond the maintence of the Peacekeeping troops. The HQ serves mostly as a travel stop off for those who are going to the Outzone Staging area or to the Battlestation.


Other than servicing as the hub for the three different Whompah networks on Rubi-Ka, the HQ itself provides no services in the traditional sense.

Sites to See[]

  • The 'Unicorn Landing Beacon can be found at (3440,1309) and acts as a waiting point for those looking to catch the shuttle to the area.
  • The ICC meeting area at (3267,856) can be used by meetings for anybody.


  • the ICC Peacekeeper Commander can be found at (3264,899) in the HQ building and is looking for information on some groups of mercenaries seen in the Eastern Foul Plains.
  • At (3456,1231) stands Tibor "Rocketman" Nagy who is very eager to sell ammunition (including rockets) to those people fighting in the battle stations.

--Berael 03:47, 10 April 2007 (CEST)