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Ida Sculler: Hi.

Rageraiden: Tell me about yourself.

Ida Sculler: I'm Ida Sculler. I'm a nano-technician. Although I do more research than fieldwork. I see a lot of dedicated people utilizing our latest research, and that makes me proud. She smiles brightly at you. Ida Sculler: I am assisting the most notable of technicians in their research at the HQ labs. We've got stuff there that would blow your mind. Literally. Ida Sculler laughs nervously. A sort of high-pitched whine that quickly gets annoying. Ida Sculler: Anyway. I talk too much. Heh.

Rageraiden: You're a nano-technician?

She glances down to her cyberdeck, then back up at you, a stubborn look in her eyes. Ida Sculler: Yes, I am. Most people think the only accredited nano-techs out there are the guys and girls in the field wielding enormous amounts of power, but that's not what we're about in the lab. Sure, we know a few tricks and could probably hold our own, but we're more about trying to use our skills to find the essence, or root of all this power. The very source from which all this power flows.

Rageraiden: What can you tell me about nano-technology?

Ida Sculler: Oh, it's just the greatest thing in the entire universe. I'm so glad to be here and to take part in all the discoveries which are being made here on Rubi-Ka... Not that I could be anywhere else, being a nanomage and all. We're finding out new stuff every day. Omni-Tek's research is the edge of the cutting edge. Did you know that we're even going to mine... Um, never mind.

Rageraiden: Mine what?

Ida Sculler: Well... She bites her lip and looks around. Ida Sculler: You didn't hear this from me, but rumors are that the crystals which are being mined here on Rubi-Ka don't actually contain notum in its purest form. And forget about the traditional theories about the origin of the universe, cause we've just discovered...Um... I'm shooting my mouth off again aren't I? I've said too much. I really have. Can't talk more about this. Nope. don't often meet a person who so desperately tries to make herself interesting like this.

Rageraiden: Tell me about notum.

Ida Sculler: It's the basis for most of the nano-technology we know. Some simple programs can be run elsewhere along with an internal nanobot contagion, but the notum is what makes everything more powerful on Rubi-Ka. It's also what enables insurance tech here and no where else. It's speculated that nothing we've mined so far is really notum in its purest form. We're working on some new techniques to harvest the most potent form of it. Who knows what we could do if we had a more pure form of notum to play with?

Rageraiden: What have you discovered so far?

Ida Sculler: Oh, we've discovered quite a bit about how the universe is put together through our research into nanotechnology, and I think we might be on the threshold of something really, really big. It's not every day you find out that Rubi-Ka might be where... Ida Sculler cuts herself short. Ida Sculler: Oh, but here I go again, shooting my mouth off. I really have to stop doing that.

Rageraiden: Who are you assisting?

Her chin lifts almost imperceptibly and a smile plays across her lips. Ida Sculler: I'm assisting quite a few of the most famous people in the field. Mostly, though, I work with professor Maitland. He's just the greatest. He's so structured and organized, and whenever he sets out to do something, you can be sure that he will succeed. He actually has the highest success rate of any of the scientists at the HQ labs. He's a wonderful man. She sighs softly. It couldn't be more obvious that she has a crush on this professor fellow.

Rageraiden: Who's professor Maitland?

Ida Sculler: Professor Maitland is the greatest. He's really dedicated, and sad to say, he doesn't get out much. I make sure to get lots of air. The labs can get quite stale after a while. Maitland is the best scientist in in the field of nano-technology. I really admire him. He's so smart. Plus he's really cute too, in a distracted and detached kind of way. She giggles girlishly.

Rageraiden: What kan you tell me about the HQ labs?

Ida Sculler: We have some of the best equipped labs in the entire corporation. Our research here is unique, and so we are given the best to make sure we are the first to discover and utilize any new technology developed. The labs are mostly underground, as the departments and such are taking up most of the office space. I feel very privileged to be working at the HQ nano-tech labs.

Rageraiden: What kind of new technology?

Ida Sculler: We're constantly making new technology and it usually doesn't take that long before is gets out to the public. We just have to run it through all the necessary tests. Rubi-Ka is quite protected when it comes to some types of technology and the company has quite a lot of restrictions on what kind of equipment is allowed onto the planet, but when it comes to nano-technology, we are the best in the universe. And that doesn't really come as any surprise, given... She hesitates and casts a few glances around. Ida Sculler: Well, let's just say, we're the best.

Rageraiden: What are you doing here?

Ida Sculler: Taking a break. We're waiting for some new equipment to be set up. It's a lot of waiting when you do research. Mostly waiting actually.

Rageraiden: What do you do when you're not here?

Ida Sculler: I have dedicated my life to understanding nanotechnology and its use. I work at the top research facilities in Omni-HQ, and we're going places with nanotechnology that are beyond anything you're seeing out there today. The people who are developing the new technology are the greatest in the universe! I'm guessing we're going to see some serious breakthroughs before long.

Rageraiden: What kind of breakthroughs?

Ida Sculler: I really shouldn't talk in detail about this, but it's just so incredible! Some time ago we did a whole series of connected experiments, and it was just amazing! All the professors were beside themselves with joy when the experiments finished. It didn't exactly do what it was supposed to, but from the test results they deemed the whole experiment a success.They spent several days in meetings. I'm guessing they were discussing how big the potential for nano-technology is and all the things it encompasses. If you think it's awesome now, you just wait and see. I shouldn't have said that, but you didn't hear it from me, right? She giggles and winks at you.

Rageraiden: Could I ask you a question?

Ida Sculler: Sure. What do you want to know? Ragerraiden: I have some questions about the conflict. Ida Sculler: I really don't care much about it myself but it doesn't directly affect me. The only thing that worries me is that the clans are doing their own research, and those people up there really don't have a clue about the powers they are messing with. She snorts indignantly. Ida Sculler: The Council of Truth... Oh, that name is just so inappropriate. Anyways, they're doing dangerous and unsupervised experiments with nano-technology, and it could all end in disaster if they're not careful, and then the conflict will escalate.

Rageraiden: How do you feel about Omni-Tek?

Ida Sculler: Omni-Tek represents the very forefront of nano-tech research. And you can debate the conflict with the clans all you like, but the fact of the matter is that research and technology here is greatly boosted by it. Omni-Prime is granting more money to research now than ever before, and I can clearly see why. We are about to unv-... Ida Sculler catches herself, and gives off a little high-pitched whiny laugh. Ida Sculler: There I go again. I really shouldn't be talking about these things. Good thing I caught myself.

Rageraiden: Omni-Prime?

Ida Sculler: Omni-Prime? It's well... Omni-Prime! Come to think of it, I really don't know all that much about it myself. I guess I just live in my own little scientific world.

Rageraiden: How do you feel about the neutrals?

Ida Sculler: I don't care about them. I have no opinion of them. They're all kinda mud.

Rageraiden: How do you feel about the clans?

Ida Sculler: The way I see it, the clans are both a curse and a blessing to us in research. On one hand we get more funding from Omni-Prime because of the conflict, but on the other hand, they are doing their own research, and they really shouldn't be doing that with such limited funds and facilities. It's not a safe working environment. I don't care about their conflict with the corporation, and I don't really follow up on the news or study the clans much.

Rageraiden: What kind of research are you working on?

Ida Sculler: Oh, we're working on some fabulous stuff. I've had the pleasure of seeing it myself. Professor Maitland did this amazing T-Dim experiment a while ago and I got to watch . I was so impressed!Anyways, I digress.

Rageraiden: T-Dim?

Ida Sculler: It's short for trans-dimensional. It's pretty much the technology used whenever you cross between Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands. But I really can't talk in detail about this. I'm sure you understand.

Rageraiden: What projects are you working on?

Ida Sculler: We have a lot of really good projects going, which will really help out the general public once we've made it safe to use. We even had Eva Pourais come by one of the labs... The nanomage smiles at you and it's clear that she's very proud of her job. Ida Sculler: Well, I guess I shouldn't brag about it too much. We're far from done with our research in most departments. We're on the bleeding edge, you know. Ida Sculler gives off a little whine of a laugh.

Rageraiden: What can you tell me about Eva Pourais?

Ida Sculler: She comes in every now and then to see how we're doing. She seems to always be in a hurry and is constantly bossing people around like she was on a schedule or something. I guess she can, being the head of Omni-Reform and all.