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Inferno overview Inferno is a land so completely scorched by raging volcanoes, boiling fire-pots and toxic fumes that there is no hint of what it was like before the cataclysm. Adventurers venturing into this molested land will emerge high up in a mountain range and walk straight to Inferno’s highest perch right there and then. From there on the journey is ever downwards and the depressing panoramic view of a land beyond salvation is what they take with them on their journey.

Pools of lava litter the blasted landscape and the crust of barely hardened lava that covers everything is cracked by fissures and fire-pots that spew fireballs and toxic fumes. They burn and dissolve whatever they touch, and pollute barely recognisable water which constantly evaporates before it falls yet again to the ground, more toxic every time.

There is practically no vegetation left in Inferno, save in a few isolated spots. What there is of it is so polluted or contorted by toxic substances that there is no sense in attempting to utilise it. Only the minions of the Redeemed and Unredeemed have managed to preserve and cultivate small patches of land within the confines of their villages, to get what they need to subsist.

There is nearly no evidence left of what Inferno was before the cataclysm, and even the memory of it is completely erased from the myths of the few civilized spots there are to be found. Whatever the Xan did here, it must have placed them beyond redemption, for this land is permanently and irrevocably cursed.

This is the land in which you must learn to survive, to master, and eventually to redeem if there is to be any future for anything at all.

And throughout the toil and terrors you must face, you know deep down inside that the worst is still to come… Pandemonium!

Runar Thor Thorarinsson
Story & Game Designer

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