Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

Title: Director of Omni-Pol
Occupation: Chief of Police
Alliance: Omni-Tek
Age: Approx. 50

The iron-fisted leader of Omni-Pol. A short, squat man who's loves in life seem to only encompass vodka and police action against those deemed unjust in the eyes of the corporation.

Born in Russia, is also known as "Ivan the Terrible" or "The Man of Steel", due to his rather... unique... methods of interrogation and capture. His fingernails have been replaced with metallic symbiotic implants, and he is rather prone to wearing large, gaudy rings.

Recently, he has come to the forefront of the political spectrum on Rubi-Ka, as one of the chief investigators in the assassination attempt on Philip Ross. Usually flanked by Omni-Prime liasion Korbensen, he has personally lead the interrogation of several suspects.