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Before the Shadowlands expansion, this used to be a popular profession-specific quest. The rewards aren't all that hot now, but it's a nice thing to have if you want to complete your character.

How to get started[]

The way this quest works is that each profession has its own unique non-player character or NPC that gives out the quest. Strike up a conversation with the person, and he or she will give you the mission.

Then it's off to Varmint Woods. In this zone you may encounter the unique Jack "The Leg-chopper" Menendez at coordinates 3200x1400 who is on a 18 hour spawn cycle. We're not after the real guy however, but one of his clones that can also be found in the zone, and they are all called Jack "The Leg-chopper" Clone.

The clones have to be spawned by killing placeholders or PHs. These can be found on 6 locations in Varmint Woods. The coordinates are 2500 x 500, 2200 x 1100, 2800 x 2700, 3800 x 1000, 2200 x 1300 and 4100 x 350. You will find either an already spawned clone there or a bunch of Lifeswappers, Bodyswappers and Soulswappers. The key to spawning Jack is killing these mobs. After about 20 minutes, either the mobs will repop or Jack will spawn. A good tactic would be to kill all the mobs at one location, yalm up and fly to the next one, kill the PHs there, and so on and make a little circuit.

Once Jack spawns, kill him and he will drop one of the profession-specific quest items. Bring back the item to your quest giver and the quest is completed.

Admitadly, killing Jack over and over and over again presents a bit of a problem: what if you don't get your item before the quest timer runs out? In that case you could go talk to the poor soul you are helping to get the quest again (since they promptly forgot about it) or you could an alternate approuch. Armed with the forknowledge here its actualy much easier to kill Jack over and over before you get the quest, and simply get the quest when you have the item.

The quest NPCs and the items:

Profession NPC Zone Location
Quest item
Adventurer Kendric Kuzio Deep Artery Valley 1550 x 1000
Jack's Head
Ring of the Falcon Talon
Agent Susan Furor Galway County 1200 x 1950
Proof of what happened to Joslyn
Ringlet of Black Panther Whiskers
Bureaucrat Nolan Deslandes Newland City Neuters R Us
Important looking briefcase
Band of Snake Skin
Doctor Quintus Romulus The Longest Road - Foreman's Office 1950 x 800
DNA Sample
Ring of the Dolphin Spine
Enforcer Bonzo Mort - Beer and Booze Bar 2850 x 1900
Jack's Reinforced Gloves
Band of the Bear Claw
Engineer Janella Gheron Greater Tir County - Cyborg Barracks 3200 x 2300
Remains of a long lost pet
Ring of Crawling Ants
Fixer Gridman At the top of the Fixer Grid
Jack's Head
Curl of Weasel Whiskers
Martial Artist Daedra Iberra Pleasant Meadows - Versailles 1500 x 700
Severed leg of the Grand Master
Ring of the Monkey Tail
Meta-Physicist Elmer Ragg Mort 1750 x 950
Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus
Band of the Frog Tongue
Nano Technician Robin Raag Southern Foul Hills - Smuggler's Den 1750 x 850
Glowing Amygdaloid Nucleus
Band of Beeswax
Soldier Captain Lewison Stret West Bank Reet's Retreat
Bloodstained Dog-tag
Band of Dog Molars
Trader Monday Kline Stret East Bank 1300 x 900
Jack's Head
Ring of Magpie Tail Feathers

Conversations with Quest NPCs[]


You: Hello

Kendric Kuzio: Greetings stranger. *It's hard to not notice the bleeding gashes on his legs and arms*

You: Who are you?

Kendric Kuzio: I am Kendrick. *Kendrick looks away and keeps nursing his injuries*

You: What are you doing here?

Kendric Kuzio: I am an adventurer - although I'm not that keen on adventuring anymore.

You: What happened?

Kendric Kuzio: My hunting buddy Winford was killed two days ago. *Kendrick stares blankly into the ground and sighs* And I just don't feel like doing adventures anymore.

You: Who is Winford?

Kendric Kuzio: Winford was my best hunting buddy - I've known him all my life. Life just isn't the same without him around.

You: How did he die?

Kendric Kuzio: We were out hunting the elusive Soulswappers in Varmint Woods when this freak Jack Legchopper attacked us. We put up a good fight - but we knew it was a fight we were gonna lose. Just as we were gonna make a tactical retreat - Jack managed to land a tremendous blow with his axe - almost splitting poor Winford in two... I'd really, really like to get pay back - revenge Winfords death! To see Jack dead. *Kendrick looks you square in the eyes* W-would you help me avenge Winford's death?

You: I will help you

Kendric Kuzio: *With a devilish look on his face he glances at you* You're a true friend. *Kendrick grins at you and you notice the glint of deep dark hatred in his eyes* Kendrick Kuzio: Bring me Jack's head - and I will make sure it's worth your troubles.



Susan Furor: Hi there, handsome.

"What are you doing here?"

Susan Furor: Omni-Tek has been a little worried by the volume of Galway's propaganda. Susan Furor: I'm here to check if he's playing by the company rules, or if he needs a little talking to. Susan Furor: I am also waiting on my good friend Joslyn to return from a mission in Varmint Woods. She should have been back well over a day ago.

"Who is Joslyn?"

Susan Furor: Joslyn and I are both Omni Agents - we've known each other since the first day of training. Susan sighs Susan Furor: She went on a short mission to Varmint Woods - it was a short and simple mission - and now she's been gone for over a day! Susan Furor: I hope she's alright. Susan Furor: Listen, if you find her or find out what has happened - let me know will ya?

"I can help"

You got a new mission. Susan Furor: Great!



Keery: hi
Quintus Romulus looks at you with a friendly smile
Quintus Romulus: Hi there!

Keery: who are you?
Quintus Romulus: I'm Dr. Romelus- I'm a doctor researching the effects of raw notum on the humanoid DNA

Keery: what effects?
Quintus Romulus: We know that notum works as a selective mutagen on some types of DNA. I use raw notum crystals on various DNA I've collected to try to figure out in exactly what ways it does mutate the DNA.
Quintus Romulus: The problem now is that I need a hard to get the right type of DNA sample to advance my research.

Keery: what type DNA?
Quintus Romulus: Well it's quite complicated to understand, unless you're an expert in the field like myself.
Quintus Romulus: Simply put - I need a unique form of mutated Atrox DNA.
Quintus Romulus: And I know of only one place to get it

Keery: where can i get it?
Quintus Romulus: The only place, to my knowledge, is to get a sample of Jack Legchopper, up in Varmint Woods.
Quintus Romulus: I really don't think he will give up a sample of his DNA willingly though - at least not in the quantities I need.

Keery: I can help
Quintus Romulus: You would? - Superb!
Quintus Romulus: Go to Varmint Woods - find Jack Legchopper and do what you have to get the sample
Quintus Romulus: I will make sure you are rewarded handsomely when you return.
Quintus Romulus: Be warned though - it won't be easy to get that sample of him. Be very careful - best of luck friend!

Trading with Quintus Romulus. (at this point, trade him the DNA Sample)

Quintus Romulus: Ahh excellent!
Quintus Romulus: You have done much to help advance my field of research!
The doctor puts on a big smile
Quintus Romulus: I am very pleased - check back with me sometime later - maybe I got more work for you.
Quintus Romulus: Goodbye!
you are not quite sure your work here has exactly been to better "humanity", but you bag the ring and take the hint from the Doc that your precence is not required at the moment



Janella Gheron: Hello It seems like Janella has just been crying.

Engineer: Why are you crying?

Janella Gheron: I've been looking for my pet all day - and he's nowhere to be found! I'm so worried, he's been lost for three days now. Janella looks sad. Janella Gheron: Do you think you would help me find him?

Engineer: Yes. I will help you search for your pet.

Janella Gheron: Thanks! That would be great! If you find him I promise that I will reward you! Janilla smiles at you.


Martial Artist[]

Khailea: Hello
Daedra Iberra loks worried
Daedra Iberra: Hey!

Khailea: Why are you worried?
Daedra Iberra: I am a student of Grandmaster Zu-Zen and I'm afraid he has gone missing!

Khailea: Missing?
Daedra Iberra: The Master and I were sparring when he got an urgent message and had to leave.
Daedra Iberra: I don't know what was so important - but I know he has been preparing for a big fight.
Daedra Iberra: He's been acting sort of restless all week - he hasn't even been able to meditate properly.
Daedra Iberra: He's been gone for three days now and I fear that something has happened to him. I know, its kindo silly, he should be able to fend for himself
Daedra Iberra: I'm still worried though...
Daedra Iberra: Think you would help me find him?
Daedra looks at you with big hopeful eyes

Khailea: I will help
Daedra Iberra: Great!
Daedra Iberra: He said he would leave for Varmint Woods - that's all I know. When you know anything please get back to me as soon as you can!
Daedra gives you a big hug

Trading with Daedra Iberra. (at this point, trade her the Severed leg of the Grand Master)

Daedra Iberra: Ohh no!
Daedra looks sad
Daedra Iberra: That's just so sad. He was such a good teacher!
Daedra Iberra: Without the master I think I'll just give up on martial arts - just don't feel that there is much point to keep going on without him.
Daedra Iberra: You take this - I won't need it anymore.
Daedra Iberra: Goodbye Friend.


Nano Technician[]

Leda: Hello?
Leda: Hello?
Robin Raag seems far too busy fiddling with his instruments to notice you

Leda: What are you doing?
Robin Raag adjusts some knobs on a strange looking instrument
Robin Raag: Minding my own business.
Robin Raag: Maybe you should go mind your business?

Leda: What business?
Robin Raag: Why are you still bothering me?
Robin Raag: My business is science.
Robin Raag flicks a switch and an arc of lightning flashes through a small crystal, with a peculiar sounding pop - leaving the crystal glowing dimly
Robin Raag: Would you leave me alone!

Leda: What is that crystal?
your question seems to have caught Robin Raag's attention - as he for the first time looks away from his experiment
Robin Raag seems to realize that he is neglecting his experiment and quickly returns to flicking switches and adjusting knobs
Robin Raag: I am studying the effects of strong magnetic fields on notum-crystals. I have managed to produce some very interesting effects!

Leda: What effects?
Robin Raag stares at you for a few seconds - analyzing you, as if to see if you are worthy of an answer
Robin Raag: By applying a very strong alternating magnetic field, I have managed to set up a standing wave of incredible power inside the notum-crystal.
Robin Raag: This wave seems to alter the crystal at a sub-atomic level - in a way I have yet to fully understand, altering the quantum guide wave of the individual particles. Net result is that the crystal for a millionth of a second completely de-materializes - disappears out of existence if you want.
Robin Raag: Problem is that I cannot find a large enough crystal of pure notum to conduct the experiment properly
Robin Raag: I do know of such a crystal however..
Robin Raag: But I cannot get it myself.
Robin Raag: I would need help.

Leda: I can help you!
Robin Raag: Excellent.
You got a new mission.
Robin Raag: The crystal is extremely well guarded - it will not be easy to get. But I will reward you well.
Robin Raag: To get the crystal, go to Varmint Woods and find Jack Legchopper - he guards the crystal.
Once you found him - kill him. The crystal is inside his head.
Robin Raag: I hope you wont have a problem with that.

Trading with Robin Raag.
Robin Raag: Excellent!
Robin Raag: What a beautiful crystal! You have done good - take this ring - with its help, maybe you will become a scientist as good as me one day



- Hello

- What are you doing here?

- Special Deal?

- Notum Crystal?

- Problem?

- Brutal Atrox?

- I agree getting his head.


Thanks to the people at Anarchy Arcanum for the spawn locations and the NPC names, locations and quest items.