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The Flying City of Jobe

The most unique city on Rubi-Ka, Jobe actually flies on an artificial archipelago far above the surface of the planet. The geniuses of Jobe were the first to pierce the dimensions and open the way to the Shadowlands. The City of Jobe is a Neutral aligned city.


The history of Jobe is unique on Rubi-Ka to a large degree. In 29301, after the end of the first Rubi-Ka civil war, a group of 38 Omni-Tek scientists defected from their employment by the corporation and instead of joining the Clans they used their knowledge as Meta-Physicists and Nano Technicians to create a group of flying islands and avoid the conflict all together. During that period, many employees also defected and became Neutral to the conflict after their first experience with the war; so it is surmised that in order to avoid losing all ties with the Jobe Scientists, Omni-Tek allowed them to walk away unofficially.

For the next 147 years, little was heard from this reclusive group of scientists till August 11th of 29477 when they released an announcement that they had done the unimaginable and opened a wormhole to an alternate dimension; a place that scientists began calling "The Shadowlands." This wormhole was only open for a full hour but the it gave scientists the chance to pass through personnel and supplies. The scientists believed the portal to be stable and soon capable of allowing anybody to pass into the new dimension.

These events caused a major stir on Rubi-Ka and soon strange events creatures and sights started appearing all over the terraformed zone. A mysterious robotic entity calling itself "Ergo" started appearing and offering travelers a way into the Shadowlands. Additionally, visions of mysterious creatures started appearing to Clan and Omni-Tek officials, who quickly declared their intention to explore and master the new land.

Present Day[]


A sunrise in Jobe

In the face of the trials on Rubi-Ka today, Jobe stands monolithically aside from the major conflicts going on, only caring the pursue their research. The continued exploration of the Shadowlands and the revenues from the portal usage allow Jobe to continue to live in the manner that they have come to enjoy. Maybe due to this fact, many people, even notable sided leaders have taken up residence in Jobe.

Jobe also has seemed to have been total unphased by the alien siege of the planet, and even though it seems to be an obvious target flying in the air, it has not been subject to invasion by the Kyr'ozch. The scientists of Jobe have also failed to react to presence of the new ICC Battle Stations in orbit around the planet and Omni-Tek's intent to crush all resistance to its rule of the planet.


A major business interest of the Jobe ruling group is the Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration, otherwise known as "JAME". It seems to be the mission of JAME not only to explore the Shadowlands but also to make technological innovations to aid in exploration or even aid in defense from threats found there.

JAME currently maintains and runs all the operations regarding the Shadowlands portals in Jobe, as well as trains and outfits guards and scientists to help travelers on the earliest stages of their journey.

In 29478, a year after the portal was opened, JAME paired with the Neutral Guard Initiative and the Newland City Council to outfit the new guards with the latest in JAME's defensive technology. Even though this was a traditional business deal, it was also an unprecedented show of support for another group on Rubi-Ka and there is some speculation as to its intention. One theory stands that Jobe was feeling pressure from the sided groups to join their cause and turn over access to the portals and JAME wished to make a show of power to discourage this pressuring.


Jobe City is divided in to 4 islands: Jobe Platform, Jobe Harbor, Jobe Market, Jobe Plaza. Jobe Platform is the meeting place for the Whompahs from the surface of Rubi-Ka and has portals to all the other Jobe ares. The lowest area, Jobe Harbor, has services in the 'Basic' range. Jobe Market has services in the 'Advanced' range. Jobe Plaza tries to accommodate the highest level of player and has services in the 'Superior' range. Lower areas can also be reached using a series of blue walkways.

  • Jobeportal

    The Shadowlands Portal in Jobe Market

    Arguably the most sought after service in Jobe is the use of the Shadowlands portals. In order to protect its interests, the technicians charge for use of these portals. There is a Portal on each of the Jobe islands, leading to a different place. The Portal in Jobe Harbor can be found at (225,360), costs 200 credits to use, and takes you to Nascence. In Jobe Market the portal can be found at (375,360), can be used for the price of 10,000 credits, and will take you to Port 7 in Elysium. The last portal can be found at (260,260) in Jobe Plaza, carries a hefty price of 50,000 credits, and will take you to Port 5 in Elysium. The portal technicians have a soft spot for Neutrals though, and they always pay half price to use the portals.
  • There are three Independent Professionals Society buildings in Jobe. Each building contains representatives from each of the Professions that can help you in acquiring items to make Jobe and Tier Armor as well as carries a full line of Nano Crystals.
  • Dimensional Shift buildings carry health and body related equipment by selling empty implants and clusters as well as offering automated surgery clinics, Banking services, and terminals to buy healing and nano supplies suitable for the Shadowlands.
  • In the Hardware Dimension buildings you will find terminals that offer you to Tools, Armor, Weapons, and Devices that can be helpful to you. This shop also offers banking services. The version of this shop that exists in Jobe Plaza has an additional terminal for special equipment made by JAME for nano specialists. This equipment is extremely expensive but can offer some very useful bonuses to nano users.
  • Heavenly Business shops are like huge warehouses and contain tradeskill component terminals as well as banking services.
  • There are no public Grid services in Jobe.

The Independent Professionals Society Hall

Sights to See[]

  • Jobe Harbor holds a special door that will teleport you to Jobe Research in Nascence
  • In Jobe Plaza there is the first branch of the Jobe Bank. Its not open to the public and has been the subject of at least one bank robbery.


  • Yorick Kjarval can be found on Jobe Platform and helps out people who start their careers in the Shadowlands, get ready for the rigors of Rubi-Ka
  • Arul Saba is standing around in the Jobe Market IPS building trying to promote his new bracelet plans, he also sells some of the components needed to make them.
  • Professor Dedlock can be found in the Jobe Harbor IPS building at the front desk. The Professor has very little time for adventurers unless they want to help him with his literary research. If you manage to help him though, Dedlock will unlock portions of your NCU allowing you to use more advanced nanos found in the Shadowlands.
  • Christen "Techie" Thorwaldsen is standing around at (400,475) in Jobe Market, but this unassuming Atrox has much to offer potential shoppers in the form of special Jobe clusters that can be put into implants. These cluster add amazing abilities like damage add, nano cost reduction, reflection shields, and even XP bonuses to implants. On top of that, even though the clusters must be bought in Jobe, the implants can be used by anybody.


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