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appeareance and features[]

File:214724.png File:214722.png
File:214723.png File:214727.png File:214723.png
File:214726.png File:214725.png File:214726.png
QL100(there's no other anyway):
ProjectileAC: 2520
MeleeAC: 2520
EnergyAC: 2520
FireAC: 2520
ColdAC: 2520
RadiationAC: 2520
ChemicalAC: 2520
PoisonAC: 2520
NanoResist: 124

Values compared to Carbonum Armor

Pros and Cons[]

+ each AC is equal, there's no holes in your defence

+ a few nanoresist points is always nice


- very expensive


This is the base armor for Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 Armor. You have to get it in order to get it's upgrades.

It's a full set armor - with its own shoulderpads and back item.


Required Items and Tools[]

File:214781.png Insignia of Enel 10 Elysium Unredeemed Mobs, Silvertails, Eremites
File:214782.png Insignia of Shere 10 Elysium Redeemed Mobs, Silvertails, Eremites
File:214840.png Insignia of Ocra 5 Scheol Unredeemed Mobs
File:214855.png Insignia of Roch 5 Scheol Redeemed Mobs
File:256417.png Measurements - ... 10* Rubi-Ka Tailors
15 000 000 credits
*one for each piece, like Measurements - Boots, and two Measurements - Sleeves for two sleeves

Acquiring the Pieces[]

The Measurements are by far the easiest part to get, as all it requires is a visit to your local Tailor. The best one to count on is the Tailor in Borealis, near the Abandoned Subway entrance. Simply tell the tailor you need measurements for the Jobe Suit, and they will spawn in your inventory.

Insignias of Shere and Enel drop from mobs in Elysium. Unredeemed mobs drop Enel insigias, and Redeemed drop Shere insignias. If you do not want to kill your own faction, the Predators and Kolaanas near Time's Tide are a great place to obtain insignias.

Insigias of Roch and Ocra drop from mobs in Scheol. Again, sided mobs drop insigias of the opposite faction.

After that, all that is needed is fifteen million credits.

Getting the Armor[]

Head to your nearest IPS vendor in Jobe and find the one for your profession. Tell them you have the items needed for a piece of the Jobe Suit, then choose which piece you want.