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General information[]

Jobe trainingscenter The Jobe Trainigscenter is the second area where new player can start their game.

It can be found in the Jobe Research facility in Nascence.

So good thing about this playfield is the option to reenter it till you are level 30.
This means that new players should choose the ICC Backyard as their first choise and make their first 3 AI level before they go here.

However Shades and Keeper don't have the option that every other profession has therfore they must start here and miss the chance to get some easy AI levels.

Beside the normal beginner monster that exists here you can also do some of the Drake Rodriguez Backyard Quests which contains two good bracer that noone should miss.

Jobe Trainingscenter Map[]

Jobe trainingscenter map

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