Once the undisputed realm of the Trash King, Junk Bot City is now suffering from the expanding urbanization of Rubi-Ka. Since the ICC decreed private land ownership on Rubi-Ka, much of the once wild face of our world has been claimed by the various Clans and Departments of Omni-Tek. Junk Bot City is no exception. These ruins, once an outpost of the Clans during the first Civil War had long since been abandoned when the odd, robotic denizens the Junk Bots moved in.

Now the seat of their at least titular leader, the Trash King, the ‘city’ has been all but surrounded by new urban development challenging the ire of this large, dangerous android. The city offers no shops, services or other facilities and as the Trash King is a fearsome opponent, only the most seasoned explorers should venture into the area.

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