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The Kyr'ozch are a species of xenomorphs that were introduced in with the launch of the Alien Invasion expansion, and latter expanded with the advent of missions to the Alien Mothership in Lost Eden. Kyr'ozch comes in a variety of forms that range from being very entomorphic (bug like) to very ophimorphic (serpent like). Like all good aliens, the Kyr'ozch are, for the most part, green.


While nobody is truly certain of the origins of the Kyr'ozch, there have been many forewarnings of their presence and coming involvement on Rubi-Ka far before the seige of the planet actualy started.

Number 9[]

On May 3rd, 29478 a group of explorers made their way to the very heart of the Shadowlands in Pandemonium and slew The Beast, the guardian of The Source. When this happened a portal was opened to a crypt in the City of Home where the exploreres were confronted by a fragment of Ergo's personality called 'Number 9'. Number 9 made omnius overtones about the mastery of mankind over The Source and a coming conflict.

The Hope Crash[]

Six days after the first slaying of The Beast, on May 9th, 29478, a group of Cyborg hunters in Mort witnessed a strange green ship flying on the crash course with the northern desert in Mort. Witnesses latter say that those who went to investigate were torn asunder after hearing a low humming noise and hearing strange slithering noises. Omni-Tek forces soon arrived and killed all survivors of the attack. It was unknown if the ship wreck was destroyed or taken by the OT personel.

Omni-Tek annouced the next day that it was recovering some of its property from a test flight.

The Annoucement[]

A planet wide annoucement was issued on September 1st, 29478 by Philip Ross about the alien threat that was headed their direction, and that Omni-Tek had advanced warning. The annoucement turned out to be a recording set to be played if aliens breached Rubi-Ka's orbital defense perimeter.

Planet Fall[]

The Anansi Connection[]

Much latter after the start of the invasion, travelers in Inferno who help the Yuttos called One Who Talks With The Past learn that the Shadowlands being called Anansi has been traveling with the Kyr'ozch and that the aliens are also linked to the Source in some way. One Who Talks With The Past also notes that Anansi is interfering with events because it fears that the humans will make the same mistakes that the Xan did that led to the spliting of the dimensions and the fall of the human race.


The morphological characteristics of the Kyr'ozch are unusual given its biotechnological nature. This will be discussed more under the Technology section, but in brief: the Kyr'ozch prodominately use organic battle suits that enhance and expand the abilities and characteristics of the otherwise frail Kyr'ozch. The alien's true forms are in question because they merge body and mind with their battle suits, effectively making a new creature, and it has been so far impossible to seperate the two by conventional human technology.


Small Froglike creatures


Ground boss


four legged centuar thingy


Snake like aliens


- big floating balloons


- ship boss


Alien Spiders. They're the weakest of the Kyr'ozch and can be seen from the ICC shuttport Island


Pike like fish thingy on the mothership


- Resembles a C-Clamp like fish (Mothership)


Mothership, many tentecled aliens


The creatures called 'Dasyatis' resemble mantas that can still be found in the Terran oceans. In this way their behavior is similar in that they wait on the floor and rise up into the environment when quary nears. They are not very agile but they are strong and use the horn on their front to good effect. Dasyatis has no behavior marking though, or rank, so it is uncertain where they fall in Kyr'ozch society. Dasyatis are only found in the environment of the Mothership.


- mothership



There are three types of Mothership bosses:

Master of Biological Metamorphoses

This boss has two towers that heals him constanly until they're destroyed.

Master of time and space

Can cast area nukes with the help of auto defences

Master of PsyMod

This boss has an atack called Ailen mind warp. It makes you lose control of your character for a while so he's dangerous if you choose a hard mission.

Master of Silence This boss drains your team's nano with nanovoiders.

Master of Nanovoid

As far as I can tell, this boss really ressembles the Master of Silence. He is however not surrounded by the Nanovoid globes. Instead, he himself drains the team's nano.


  • Ankari - Aliens of this behavior type are known pet users and will general spawn two Zix pets within moments of being engaged.
  • Xoch - Xoch aliens are healers and will occasionaly use their heals to good effect on themselves or others in their battle group
  • Cha
  • Ilari - Primary nukers, and will use different types of nukes depending on the type of alien it is.
  • Jaax
  • Rimah
  • Hacker - Found only in alien ground assaults, this alien is always a Uri of some sort that has a large array of some kind affixed to its back. It will make its way unerringly to the City Controler and attempt to drain its power.


In addition to morphology and behavior types, the Kyr'ozch have also been noted to have a ranking of sorts. These rankings seemed to have been put in place by data provided by the unicorns, but they are useful, none the less. Each rank reflects on additional strengths and abilities the creature in question might have over their peers.

Many aliens that can be found in the Mothership do not have rankings unless they are wearing battle suits. This might be because they are either guard constructs, civilians, or that the Unicorn data does not cover these aliens and their ranking is currently in question.

  • Scout
  • Guard
  • Commando
  • Specialist
  • Major
  • Sergeant
  • General - Outdoor boss (always named 'Khaz)
  • Ensign - Regular mobs inside ship
  • Fighter Pilot - 1st miniboss. +5% nano damage
  • Squadron Leader - 2nd miniboss. +10% nano damage
  • Wing Commander - 3rd miniboss. +15% nano damage
  • Second Lieutenant - 4th miniboss. +20% nano damage
  • First Lieutenant - 5th miniboss. +25% nano damage
  • Captain - 6th miniboss. +30% nano damage
  • Channeler - 7th miniboss. +35% nano damage (Generaly Ankari)
  • Fleet Commander - 8th miniboss. +40% nano damage
  • Brigadier General - 9th miniboss. +45% nano damage
  • Fleet Admiral - Indoor boss (always named 'Khazoh)


From the moment that the Kyr'ozch came to Rubi-Ka it was obvious they were not of this world, and that their own home world had taken them in a very different evolutionary direction from humans. It is hard to tell exactly what the alien home world is like but new data from the mothership gives us some more insight into the lives of these aliens.

When the aliens first started moving into the outzones of Rubi-Ka several interesting artifacts were found that had not previously been seen from ground raiding parties. These artifacts included video, audio, and water processing units. It is unlikely that these were seen from ground raiding parties because they may have been designed for short term exposure to the Rubi-Ka environment, unlike the outzone aliens who are trying to maintain a base of operations on the surface. These artifacts would imply that not only do the Kyr'ozch not use water in the same way as human breeds, or likely any terran based life form, but that they also process audio and video in radically different ways then humans. Precisely how they process this information is still unknown.

Inside of the Alien Mothership we found even more information about the environment these aliens prefer. The mothership seems to be fluid filled, and many of its inhabitants that are not suited float in the fluid and swim in a similar manner to fish or other deep sea entities. The curious thing is that this fluid is not harmful to human life, nor does it cause respretory problems to unsuited humans. No good samples of the fluid have been brought back from mothership yet but it can be surmised that this fluid is some sort of hyper-oxygenated solution that is dense enough to support the swimming aliens, but light enough to allow a normal range of movement by human breeds.

Alien reproduction is also somewhat elusive. It was once thought that the aliens might have had a sort of hive structure that requires breeding members to produce fast number of offspring that develop according to different life paths. This was partly suggested by the appearance of 'cacoon' ships that were overseen by alien reproduction technitions. This may have been an exageration and the reproduction rooms may actualy be rooms where aliens that are first melding with their suits are kept till they are aclimated to them. To this date though, there is no good information on the mating or reproductive behavior of the Kyr'ozch.

While zoologists have tried to study the Kyr'ozch, it seems unlikely, given their war on Rubi-Ka that they will cooperate with any sort of research projects. To this date there is no information on their diet, activity cycle, primary behavior patterns, or cognition.


The Kyr'ozch are masters of bio-technology and have engineered every single peice of their technology out of cells, protiens, and carapace grown to their specifications. This is hard to suspect since one would expect bio-tech to be squishy or life like, similar to the Bio-Mag pistols that are some times shipped to Rubi-Ka.


There are a wide variety of alien ships used by the Kyr'ozch for various purposes, most citizens of Rubi-Ka are familar with them if they have had any experiance fighting the alien scourge. There are various design elements that characterize certain alien ships depending on their function. The earliest ships seen have been for use on the surface of Rubi-Ka and have a very sleek look with hard edges and exteriors. These ships are presumed to be designed to handle atmospheres alien to the Kyr'ozch. With Unicorn Company now running missions to the Alien Mother Ship we have seen another side to alien architexture that is much more organic looking with soft tissues, ligaments, and ventricals.


One of the most common alien ships seen on the surface of Rubi-Ka is the alien Lander. This ship is equiped with a very large teleportation array that is presumed to connect to the Troop Carriers. The ship seems to fly with some sort of combination of the lighter than air gas technology that makes the Nakthi float, as well as a preasurized gas system for directional movement. These ships are very agile and land on the surface of Rubi-Ka with little difficulty. Landers are most commonly seen in alien assaults on Organizational Cities.


Often seen, but never engaged are the alien fighter craft, which are presumed to be ships that are capabale of short distance flight and mounted with weapons to engage in aireal combat. These ships are often seen during alien raids on Organizational Cities on the surface. Landing Bays for these ships can also be observed on expiditions to the alien mothership. In these circumstances the fighters can be seen to be actualy quite small, which would lead to the conclusion that similar to the alien bio suits, the smaller aliens enter the fights and merge with their systems, rather then the suited aliens entering them and piloting them as humans might do.

Troop Carriers[]


Alien Troop Carrier

These massive ships are often seen drifting by in the open space of Rubi-Ka, especialy when the the Kyr'ozch are staging a raid on the surface of Rubi-Ka. It can be surmised that these ships that were once thought to be the alien motherships are in fact smaller alien troop transports that the Landers and some of the Fighters are launched from. This can be argued because the 'interior' of the Landers is much different then that seen in the Alien Mother Ship.

The inside of the Troop Carriers is much like the exterior: flat, hard, carapace like paneling with biological relays that bio-lumanesce. The interior is also filled with an atmosphere that is acceptable to human life, though prolonged exposure is ussualy not advised. Since the corridors of the Carriers are generaly empty, its assumed that each section of carrier is simply there to prep aliens who are about to stage a raid on the surface by acclimating them to a Rubi-Ka like atmosphere.

In the control chambers of any 'instance' of the Carrier, explorers have found a stationary pilot figure and guards. As with other Kyr'ozch technology, this alien has merged with the remote flight systems for the lander.

For those brave enough to enter the Lander's transport beam and enter the Carriers, it should be known that they have little time to waste. When the landing team is killed the pilot will begin preparing his ship for return to the Carrier, and in 30 minutes will flush the environment from the Carrior section. When this happens, any explorer's NCU will engage a self termination to return the explorer to the surface via the insurance system.

Long Range Troop Transports[]

Long range transports have been noted only a few times on Rubi-Ka. These ships are described as being huge 'glass' spheres that, upon reaching their destination, launch thousands of transport beams and teleport mass amounts of alien shock troops to the surface of the planet. After the ship has off loaded its contents it shatters, making it a one way vehical used for quick deployment of a large number of troops. It is surmised that the aliens themselves are not on the ship but are teleported at long range from either a larger alien ship we have yet to see, or from the alien home world itself.

Mother Ship[]

Here's where you fight the bosses!



  • Some of the facts presented in this section are really just educated guesses based on obversation and reading the background material.


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