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The City of Last Ditch

Last Ditch is a Neutral aligned city that lays in the north west area of Stret West Bank.


Much of the true history of Last Ditch has been lost to time. Information from the Advisors of Rubi-Ka suggest that Last Ditch was constructed as a Neutral town by soldiers attempting to escape the Battle of Stret in the Second Rubi-Ka Civil War.

From an archetectual stand point, Last Ditch has some characteristics that are uncommon to Neutral built cities. It has the pale cob style construction that is also seen in cities such as Bliss, Sabulum, and Drumdar, but does not have any of the hand sculpted look of Drumdar. Since it is suspected that both Bliss and Sabulum are Clan built, it might also stand true for Last Ditch. This would change the story and suggest that the people fleeing the Battle of Stret happened upon a descimated Clan city and made it their own.

As with the other Neutral cities, in 29476 the ICC placed emergency Peacekeeping forces into Last Ditch to help protect its citizens from undue millitary attention.

Present Day[]


The Wall

Last Ditch is a quiet Neutral city now that has few visitors other then the patrons of Reet's Retreat.

The is a question about the safety of Last Ditch in the Neutral community given that it is still guarded by ICC Peacekeepers and its proximity to Borealis. The premise for this worry is that in the case of Borealis the ICC forces withdrew to allow the Omni-Tek forces to occupy the city, and it would only be a small jump over to Last Ditch to secure that city as well. While the worries are well founded, given the circumstances, it is hard to say why Omni-Tek would take Last Ditch considering that it controls no major resources, nor does it have any major industries.


  • Whompahs to Hope and Borealis are located at (1280,2890)
  • A full service Neutral Basic shop is located near Reet's Retreat at (1177,2846)
  • A full service Neutral Advanced shop is located in the second ring of Last Ditch at (1114,2763)
  • There is a group of merchants camped outside Reet's

Sites to See[]


The Dance Club Reet's Retreat

  • Reet's Retreat is debatably the most popular dance club and bar on Rubi-Ka and is certainly the largest. it dominates the central area of Last Ditch at (1206,2794) and is the largest building in the city.
  • Last Ditch has a prison in the city, located at (1154,2742)
  • One of the most interesting features of the city is the large wall near the whompas at (1337,2977) that appears to be some sort of defensive structure despite the ability of ground forces to easily move around the plateus of Stret West Bank.
  • There are two player cities located right above the city of Last ditch located at (1406,2608) and (1194,2568)
  • Slightly outside the city, a Rubi-Ka Ergo can be found at (1500,2715) in a small alcove in the plateu that surrounds Last Ditch


  • Eddie is an atrox merchant who stands at (1216,2825) and sells a odd smattering of equipment. He doesn't talk very much but he can offer some insights into the direction of other cities when traveling from Last Ditch.
  • Deidre Lux is a mysterious woman that can be seem at (1258,2847) and is rumored to have ties to Uncle Bazzit and The Smoker's Lounge.
  • Gianna Mola can be found at (2990,2980) and is looking for her husband who may have been abducted by aliens.


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