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Living Cyber Armor is a popular beginner armor because it can be obtained quite easily and because it has the rare specialty of being levelable up to QL 50. All the pieces of this armor drop in the Condemned Subway and some of them can also be acquired via quests.

Appearance and Stats[]

163432 Living Cyber Armor Helmet
163424 Living Cyber Armor Male Body
163430 Living Cyber Armor Sleeve 163426 Living Cyber Armor Gloves 163430 Living Cyber Armor Sleeve
160051 Living Cyber Armor Pants
163422 Living Cyber Armor Boots
ProjectileAC: 872
MeleeAC: 872
EnergyAC: 764
FireAC: 548
ColdAC: 548
RadiationAC: 178
ChemicalAC: 178
PoisonAC: 178
MaxNanoEnergy: 20
MaxHealth: 136

stat compared to Carbonum Armor

Pros and Cons[]

Pros Cons
  • Levels, with the player
  • Intelligence / Psychic Requirements
  • Not particularly good AC's

Obtaining the Armor[]

If a full set is desired then some time in the subway is inevitable since only the chestpiece and the boots can be obtained via quests. There is a third quest for the gloves but this is broken for quite some time now.

As Loot[]

This is the preferred way of obtaining the armor. All the armor pieces drop from mobs in the Condemned Subway. The mini bosses Eumenides and Vergil have the best chance of dropping pieces. The smaller mobs Incomplete Rebuild, Premature Pattern and Empty Shell also have a small chance to drop a piece.

From Quests[]

The quests exist in three different versions - one for each faction: omni, neutral and clan. It is important not to take the quests of a different faction because it will send the player into areas guarded by high level NPCs. The quests also include a lot of running around which can take a while for low level players.

The first step to the quests is to locate an NPC called "Party Mixer".

Omni Neutral Clan
Name OT Party Mixer Good Time Party Mixer Clan Party Mixer

Omni-1 Entertainment

Baboons Club, in the room behind the DJ.

Newland City

at the Club behind "Neuters R us"

South East Old Athen in a food stand

To open up the dialoge options for the armor say this:

Party Mixer: Hi there! I gather from the fact that you talk to me, and not just ask for refreshments, that you are interested in something special.
You: What are you doing here?
Party Mixer: A little of this, a little of that. You know... I'm in the business of solving problems.
To do this, I recruit people from all sides to run errands.
I guess this is why you are here, right, because you have heard about the living cyber armor that I sell?
You: Living armor?
Party Mixer: Yes, you do want the Living Armor, huh
Well at the moment, I am in need of several services. As the reward, I can offer you: the boots, the body armor or the gloves? Sounds fun, huh?

Now you can select the quests you want to do.

Living Cyber Armor Boots[]

Before taking on this quest one should go and buy "Worn Cyber Armor Boots".

The first part of the quest involves killing some NPC. The name changes every time but the area should remain the same for each faction. Omni folks should be sent to Varmint Woods.

When you have killed the target person loot the "Crashed Implant". A new mission will appear stating that you should bring it to "Sarah Winter" in Newland. She can be found outside the city as described in the mission. The exact coordinates are: 640.6, 776.7. Give her the "Crashed Implant" and receive the last mission.

This last part involves bringing a piece of "Worn Cyber Armor Boots" to her. In exchange, you finally receive the "Living Cyber Armor Boots".

Living Cyber Armor Body[]

First part of this mission sends you to find a Hansen Personal Ore Extractor "Hansen Personal Ore Extractor" (which is different from the Jensen POE found in the shop). This sends you inside a mission with some mobs but you really only need the item. Then you are send to a different location to find a "Carbonrich Rock". Again there will be mobs but all you need is the rock. When you see it use the "Hansen Personal Ore Extractor" on the "Carbonrich Rock" on the floor. That produces a Pure Carbon Fragment "Pure Carbon Fragment" in your inventory and releases the next mission.

Up until now each faction is sent somewhere else but this last part is the same for everyone. Now go to Wartorn Valley directly east of Old Athen. In the exact location: 750,582 you find Bjorn Krax. Hand him the "Pure Carbon Fragment" and you receive both a male and female version of the "Living Cyber Armor Body". Since they are NODROP you cannot sell the surplus version - so you can just delete it.