Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

1. how do I access the new research system?

The Research Window is opened by clicking the Character button on the left-hand menu then the Research sub option. (keyboard shortcut ‘r’)

2. What types of research is there?

  • Personal Research
The Personal Research lines are unique for your chosen profession. Any research that is done here will only affect your own character. Primarily the research will increase your skills allowing you to become more powerful. Secondarily it will unlock new special abilities that can be utilized during combat.
  • Global Research
The Global Research is large research projects that require the cooperation of everyone from your side of the conflict. Finishing these projects will either unlock vehicles or upgrade existing vehicles for everyone on your side.

3. How do I use the research GUI?

The Research Window contains three tabs:
  • Allocate Research
This window allows you to determine how much of your gained XP will be allocated to either personal research or global research. This is determined by moving the two sliders to the intended position. The combined value of the slider can not exceed 100%.
The system will not allow the research to progress more than 5% from one kill. Any XP gained above this level will go into your regular XP.
Second part of the page provides information about the progress of your current research projects. ‘Started Personal Research’ will display all research projects you have allocated research to. ‘Started Global Research’ will only display the research project you are currently working on.
  • Available Research
This page displays all personal and global research projects that are available to you. Deciding where you want to put your efforts is done through clicking off the radial options next to the research project. You may only work on one personal and one global research project at one time.
As you complete research projects new projects will be made available to you.
You can inspect entire research lines and the benefits they provide by clicking the research project categories under ‘Personal Research Progress’. The selected research line will be displayed under ‘Selected Research line’. Information about the individual research projects in the selected line will be displayed in the category ‘Info’ if you move your mouse over the research projects.
Note: Research projects are level dependent and might not be made available to you until you have reached the intended level.
  • Finished Research
This page allows you to review all the personal and global research projects that have been completed.
Select the research line you want to review by selecting it from the ‘completed personal/global research projects’. The entire line will be displayed in the category Selected Research Line and detailed information on the individual research projects can be reviewed in the ‘Info’ window.

4. What happens if I have research set on the slider but forget to set a project?

You will get text feedback in the chat window informing you of this, and the exp will just go to your normal xp total required as usual.

5. Can I split my research across several personal projects?

No, only one project can be worked on at a time, but you can switch between them at will, you do not have to finish one to switch to another.

Source: Lost Eden FAQ 1 - Using the New Research System and GUI from Silirrion