Anarchy Online Knowledge Base

1. How do I set global research?

You can find instructions for setting research here.

2. How does global research work?

The Global Research is large research projects that require the cooperation of everyone from your side of the conflict. Finishing these projects will either unlock vehicles or upgrade existing vehicles for everyone on your side.
The Global Research projects will update every 12 hours. When this happens the servers see how much exp has been dedicated to the research and progress the research appropriately.

3. How much does it take to complete the projects?

That depends on how many players set exp towards global research! We expect the first basic version will probably be available within a couple of the 12 hour cycles, maybe more, depending on how many dedicate global research exp.

4. What happens if not enough exp is dedicated to global research?

The units and upgrades will come along much more slowly!

5. So no mechs on launch day?

Afraid not! The goodies will have to be researched!

5. Not even the pre-order one?

Nope, that does have a low research value attached though so the basic version should be the quickest thing to research.

6. Is global research the same for all sides?

No, each side is tracked and updated independently

Source: Lost Eden FAQ 2 - Global research and how it works from Silirrion